Saturday, August 02, 2008

Tough Times

E has still not found another job despite all his hard work, years of experience and excellence in his field and all his interviews. We may have to move to get work and to move out of the NY/NJ/PA area to find a job is ridiculous. People move TO NJ for jobs. It is tough all around, food is more expensive every time I go shopping, people cannot afford to get health insurance, unemployment is at a all time high. It is just a matter of time before we lose everything. It is not will we? it is when?

Let's do something about it, even though it is just a little thing, Blog the Recession for August! It is simple to do: "If you read blogs, then for the month of August, make the "pledge" to click through from your feed reader. Just click through to the blog (not on ads unless you are so led) and if you're feeling generous, click around to their older posts."

What do you think? Page views don't help me here, (even though I am a stat whore) but they do on my other blogs. Plus you may just join in on a great parenting conversation or stumble on a sweet baby gear deal.
Perhaps you might even link up to them.
So c'mon and join me and some other cool bloggers and click through on your feed readers or blogrolls.


  1. I'm clicking through from Kristen's. :)
    I'm so sorry to hear about the employment issues. We have some pretty major stuff happening with our financial situation as well. It sucks. I hope your situation turns around very soon.

  2. Don't look in RI. There is nothing here, either. Week Six of Unemployment for Daddy starts tomorrow.

  3. I wish I had advice for you. Unemployment is on the rise so much so that according to reports Pres. Bush signed into law a 13 week expension to those currently receiving benefits.

    What does your husband do for a living? I live in PA (southwestern by Pittsburgh) and there are a few companies actually hiring here.

  4. I found you through Kristin's site and before posting about it, I thought I'd go through and comment on all the blogs she listed, as well as those who left comments! So I'm in!!!

    Hope things improve soon.

  5. Sorry about the employment issues. Things are so tough right now. But i have something that might cheer you up...stop by my site and get it.. :)

  6. I think that even if you don't want/need the page views, the comments that people leave and the nice people that you might meet are always nice! Like your blog! I would have never found it if it weren't for Kristen's post.

  7. I'm also clicking in from Kristin's site. Hope things get better for you guys soon. I thought I'd never see the day when my college diploma meant crap. *sigh*

  8. I'm sorry that you're going through a tough time right now - I hope things pick up REALLY quickly.

    Thanks for entering my Kitchen Party giveaway.

  9. Found you from Kristen's and doing my part!

  10. I'm hoping things look up for your family! I can't imagine how stressful that must be...Prayers to you and yours!

    Thanks for visiting my site! See you soon!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my site. I'm sorry to hear about the employment problems. Good luck!

  12. clicking through from Kristen's.
    I am sorry to hear about y'all's difficulties, I'll be praying for you.

    I'm doing my part too, my post is up today and I'll keep reminding people all month.
    I hope you get more traffic and that this helps any way it can.

  13. Jobs are insane right now. My husband kept getting told he was overqualified, or under qualified. Seems 17 years of military experience scares civilian employers. So here we are, going back to active duty. At least there's job security.

  14. Sorry to hear about the employment troubles in your family. I hope that things work out soon.

    Glad to have found you and the other wonderful blogs through the Blog the Recession.

  15. Just clicking over for Blog the Recession! Hello!

  16. I wish you the best of luck, and hope that all turns out well.
    Just a quick hello from a fellow "Blog the Recession"-ite... :)

  17. Clicking through to "blog the recession!" :)

    I hope your situation takes a turn for the better soon. We are in NJ too. The cost of living is just getting higher! sigh.

  18. For what it's worth, I didn't think you had to be a mom -- or even female -- to want to help out a fellow blogger. So I pinned on the BTR badge for the duration even if it means hearing that brain rotting Sesame Street song "One of These Things..."

    Hope it helps.

  19. Just dropping a "hello" In honor of the blog recession!

  20. Nadine from My Good Life9:04 PM


    I found you through Kristin's site too!

    I'm self employed, but I feel you. When the work doesn't come in in a timely fashion, or the clients I do have are slow to pay it makes for some very stressful weeks. Right now I've started an online marketing event which I hope will help with cashflow.

    Hope your family gets some good financial news soon.

    I'm new to this blogging -- less than a year -- but I hope folks will check out my blog I have attached to my business website

    Take care

  21. Just stopped by to say hello! I'm trying to visit everyone on the list! Finding all sorts of new reads! :)
    I'll take a moment to click to your other sites as well.
    Best of luck to you & your family!

  22. I'm unemployed at the moment too, and it's really discouraging. Hope he finds something very soon.

    Meanwhile I'm blogging the recession,too. Love this idea.


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