Tuesday, May 04, 2010


This year E and I will be married for ten years. That still hasn't sunk in yet. Ten years is a long time and I still feel like I was on my honeymoon 3 years ago.
I know I was ready to get married. We had been dating for awhile, we talked about marriage and I never got cold feet. I think I had done enough in my single life that I have no regrets, but I wonder what you think is a "must do" before marriage?

I want to know what you would your advise your own child to do before getting hitched?

Do you think you should have your own apartment?
Have had sex with more than one person?
Be over a certain age?

I would love to hear what you think as a complile my list for my own children.


  1. I definitely want my kids to finish college before getting married. I hope they would have had a few serious relationships and I hope they wait until they are a little "older" - like 50. Just kidding about that one. I do hope they wait until at least their late 20's and don't get married right after college.

    It was also important to me to live alone, have a career, etc. just so I knew I could do it if I ever ended up in that situation again. I would suggest that to anyone, no matter gender.

  2. Being LDS (Mormon), there tends to be a lot of pressure from others to be married quite young, like around 22 or 23 is pushing it.

    The advice I'm going to give my children is to not worry about getting married. Get your education, travel if you're so inclined, but LIVE your life. Cuz when you're married and settled down, you don't have the same opportunities you might have while unattached. And that 28 is not a bad age to settle down. It's a GREAT age. :)

  3. I got married when I was 25 (I really was "26", turned four days later, but I like to say I was only 25, LOL)I think it was a good age. I was ready. I had had several serious relationships, did a little bit of traveling and was ready to settle down and start a family.

    I will be married going on 12 years this June, it feels like a really long time in some ways and in other ways, like it was yesterday that I walked down the isle, but I am content. I think marriage takes a lot of work and a lot of respect on each person's differences. I think

    I would like to convey to my children to marry only after completing college, working a little bit and traveling if they so choose. But, in the end, whatever makes my children happy, will probably be okay with me; I think....I have a couple more years until I need to worry...my oldest is only almost 10!

    Rebecca Barkai/CEO

  4. Id like for them to have all the education they want (whatever kind of post high school education they want to take is fine with me, but Id like them to move on from high school and learn something else) and then maybe a steady income and sense of self is important. Living with people, having a certain number of relationships or sexual partners...not of interest to me. Just that they are happy and have a way to look after themselves.


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