Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I have a love/hate relationship with being scared. I loved scary movies and books since I was small. I have no problem watching them or hearing ghost stories but going to bed alone after watching them? Not so good.

I do believe in the paranormal, and it really fascinates me. I mean we are all energy, when we die where does the energy go?
I have never had any experiences with ghosts or the paranormal. I don't have any ghost stories that I have experienced.
Do you?

Your job today is to scare me with your ghost story or a link me to your own or someone else's ghoulish tales.

**edit** I do have one weird tale, when E and I first moved in together before we were married we rented this little house that was a guest house of this beautiful mansion. We lived virtually in the woods and it was very cozy.
Anyway one of our cats always we go in our bedroom and sit at the head of the bed staring into the corner of our room. his eyes would dart around the corner of the room, and he would sit perfectly still. I thought maybe there was a bug he was watching but there was nothing there. He always did it until we moved out of that house.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Confession #6

I need a little help from my internet friends.
I have a confession to make.
I feel like a bad commercial even telling you this but here it goes: my whites are never white.

That is right, I have tried bleach, I have tried shout, I have tried it all but the bottoms of my kids white socks are still grey and my white pillowcases are more like ivory. Has anyone tried this?

Now another thing, do you add the bleach to your water with the detergent before you put the clothes in? How much do you use? The directions on my washer tell me to wait 5 minutes into the cycle and then add the bleach, but who has time to sit by my washer and wait 5 minutes?
I did try this but that didn't seem to work either. I thought y washer would know what to do, but apparently it knows squat.

So I come to you, dear internets, for help because I know you know.

Fall Back

I just realized that daylight savings time is only for the childless.
They don't tell you that in the baby books!

Friday, October 27, 2006


I love my Grandmother.
She was always my favorite Grandma, she was the one who was always loving and affectionate, she was more fun. You could tell anything to her, she would never judge you or look at you that way that parents do, with disapproval in their eyes.
She knows when you are sad but don't want to burden people with your problems, she will call you on it. She knows, even if you don't tell her.
I love that about her.
She is the strongest woman I have ever met.
The way she carried herself at her son's funeral will stay with me always. How devastated she was to bury her own child. "I am supposed to go first, you never should have to bury your child" she would tell me.
Truer words were never spoken.
Not matter what age he was, he was her baby.
That kind of pain never dissipates.
Still she held strong.

The truth that I know is, when she is called to Heaven, she will never fight to stay here, she will go. To be with her dear son. That makes me both happy and sad.
Sad for myself.
She raised seven great kids. She has eleven grandchildren and four great grandchildren.
She is a wonderful, sweet, generous and loving person.

Tomorrow I will go and celebrate her 81st birthday with the rest of my family. I will hug her and tell her that I love her and that she is one of my most favorite people. She will laugh and say "I am just an old woman, it is terrible to get old" but I know she will feel my words, because she is a deeply feeling woman.

And I, will try to click the memory into my head forever. So I can replay it over and over to myself, when I am a Grandma.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Things That Make Me Pissed Off

Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars annually for research and development. They make drugs, have drug trials, try to figure out the side effects, see how it interacts with other medications and try to cure diseases. Especially with October being breast cancer awarement month and millions of dollars being donated towards this cause, and cures for hundreds of other diseases, I wonder why scientists spend years on an invisibility cloak.

I wonder why all of our resources and brilliant minds focus on, what I think, are ridiculous, frivolous things when there are diseases to cure.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oh, how I love Halloween. I think getting to dress up as something you could/would never be is so much fun. My Mom was much craftier then I am because she would always make our costumes and even her own. I am not that crafty, I have to buy costumes.
My son wanted to be spiderman this year and it happens that my sister-in-law bought him just that costume. My daugher is going to be Tinkerbell because that was a costume we had handed down to us.

They are having a little parade at school and a party. My first school party! I signed up as soon as the sign up sheet went up and volunteered to bring cookies. I don't think I will make them but I will buy something very festive for their "harvest party".
Last year E was away on business for halloween so this year he is excited to go house to house with us. We will be pushing our favorite candy on the way and you can read about that here.

Remember when you would collect your candy in a brown paper bag or a pillowcase? Now they sell cool buckets that the kids all want but they cost $8.00 for something that they use for an hour once a year!
I remember carrying the unicef box that they would hand out in school too, collecting money and treats.
Ohh, and how about those plastic masks with eye holes barely cut out in them. Very safe for kids crossing the streets at night!

What is your favorite Halloween memory as a kid?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Muffins and Fate

Today at Starbucks the barista gave me a pumpkin muffin instead of the blueberry one I wanted. I was pissed at first but still hungry so I took a bite. Hunger always overrides pissed.

It was pretty good, but I was still pissed. My tastebuds were all set for blueberry.

That gets my mind working. Is that a sign? Am I ordering something but getting something else on purpose? Am I destined to make lemonade out of the lemons that were given to me instead of apples?
Is the great fates of the universe giving me a sign?
Should I change my life or my outlook?

Is the barista at Starbucks just dumb?

Monday, October 23, 2006


I am calling out sick today from blogging because my son is sick. Twins share everything including germs so I am in preventitive mode for my daughter. One sick kids is bad enough, two is when I jump from the top floor of my home.

We wouldn't want that, now would we?

Friday, October 20, 2006

Haunted Houses and Favors

I am so excited we are going here tomorrow night. It is parent's night out and we are doing it BIG. Some Philly cheese steaks and a haunted prison.
Now, that is class.

In other exciting news, I have started a new blog. It is a parenting blog and although I am unqualified for it, some cats hired me to write it and you will find it here: www.parentingourchildren.com.
Now for the favor part of this entry. I am asking all of you to link my new blog onto yours.
Then go to my blog every day and lick on all the linkyness I have going on there.

You can forget that last part, but linking to me? Linking is good.
I would appreciate it and hey, if you ever need a kidney you know who to come to.

Well, maybe not a kidney but a haunted house referral?
Now that is where I am at.

edit: Thanks for telling my my link wasn't working, I think I fixed it now.
I will continue this blog, because this is my personal blog. Lets call it my first love.
The new blog, is for paper, bills, cashola, dinero, money or whatever you want to call it. It will be updated frequently as I agreed to ten posts a week.
What was I thinking??

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Surprise Tears

I went to the grocery store the other day while the kids were at school. It was early morning and the store was pretty much empty which I love and I was kid free, which I love even more.

I got my weekly goodies and headed off to the checkout. What usually happens when the store is quiet is that there are only 2 or three lanes open and a small line forms, and today was no different. I got in line and hung out just as I heard a new baby cry.

There was a mother with her three month old infant boy in his car seat in the line next to me. He was crying and she was rocking him in his seat.

Just then, I started to cry.
My reaction surprised me and at first I didn't even know why those tears sprang to my eyes.
I realized that I was sad about the babies I lost.
I tried to hold back my tears, reminding myself that I had two beautiful kids already and that I could try again in December, that the miscarriage was for a reason, something wasn't right with the babies.

The reaction surprised me but my resolve did not. I know I am strong, I know I can fight for what I want and I know I will.

I just know.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Presence Process

After my thyroid cancer scare my homeopath doctor suggested I meditate. He even suggested a book that he thought would be good for me.
I ordered the book last week and I just recieved it. Although I have only skimmed through the pages, it looks promising.

It is a very hard thing, to stay in the moment and to really think of all you have rather then to look ahead so much and worry or lust for things you want or "need".
I think it is important for me to teach that to my children, a lesson that is hard in this "keeping up with the Jones" time.

Meditation kind of scares me. I can't imagine just turning off my mind, my thoughts. You know how hard that it is if you ever have trouble falling asleep.
I can't imagine achieving it.
You probably don't even know you are achieving it because you can't say to yourself " I am doing it!".

Wish me luck with at least getting a chance to read the darn book!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Am Pissed At..................

We can all agree Chuck E. Cheese is a horrible, terrible place for us to frequent but why the hell are there so many people there?

What else can we complain about? Sticky gross lollipops?
How you can never get the spout of a sippy cup really clean therefore you throw it out only to have to purchase 348 sippy cups in your lifetime?
Don't even get me started on the sippy cups with straws.

So what do you want to complain about today? I will join in on your anger.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Devils Playground

Yesterday we had a first. We had out first friend from school birthday party.
It was at a place I vowed never to return, Chuck E. Cheese.

I can see how it is fun for the kids, because they did love it, having never been there before, but it was stressful for me.
It was so loud with the machines ringing and SO many kids running around it is definitely sensory overload. My son usually doesn't do well with that kind of noise and activity level but he did like the games and ride ons.
I was just so afraid of losing one of the kids I was frantic the entire time. I was holding my purse, the kids coats, our tokens all the while making sure both of them followed me.

I won't take the kids back because there are so many cool play places and outdoor things to do here, to me it is a waste, but they did have fun.

I, on the other hand, added 14 new gray hairs to my collection.

Friday, October 13, 2006


E is away on business again and I have returned to a walking zombie. The kids woke up on 5 different occasions last night to ask for ridiculous things like :
You didn't put my blanket on
You didn't put my blanket on correctly
My stuffed animal has fallen out of my bed
I need a sweater to keep myself warm
The cats keep playing in my room.

I am a mess this morning. I realize I cannot figure out the perfect amount of coffee to water ratio and my coffee was too weak today.
Yesterday it was too strong.

I really need E home because I need my coffee and dunkin donuts doesn't deliver for some strange reason!
Oh, yeah, and because I miss him.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

What's Old Is New, Again?

Lets get this straight, you want me to wear big belts, skinny jeans, bubble skirts and leggings again?

Ummmmm, no thank you.

These fashion trends are ok for 15 year old but not for a grown ass lady. I can and will do the long sweater tunics, but that is my limit. My limit!
I grew up in the 80s, I have been there done that.
I am NOT coming back for fashion seconds.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I have succumbed to a power greater then myself.
Brace yourself.
I have found myself watching Grey's Anatomy.
I know, the horror of it all is unbelievable.

I usually hate shows that have all these bandwagon jumpers unless I started watching the show from the beginning, like I have with Lost.
Dancing with the stars, Prison Break, Grey's, I say no thank you to them all.
But the summer was so boring, and I needed something to watch that was new to me every once in awhile so I rented the first season.
I got into it midway through the episodes and now I am an official bandwagon jumper.
I am so proud.

How can you resist, the men on that show are fantastic. There is the cover staple of magazines right now, Patrick Dempsey, the vet Chris O'Donnell and the hotty Eric Dane.

It got me to thinking, which guy would be for me? Would I take the unavailable, handsome doctor who can't make a decision about who to be with? McDreamy is the guy you picture marrying when you are 15.
The sweet, romantic type that loves animals? McVet is the kind of guy you always say you want but leave him for the bad boy.
Or would I take the hot, sexy, no commitment type of guy? Mc Steamy is the bad boy, who you wish could have a little more McVet in him.

I would take McSteamy. He is just the best looking guy I have ever seen.
Yummy, yum, yum.

So, which Grey's man would you take?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Enjoy The View

I have become obsessed with watching the first fifteen minutes of the view every day. I just have to see what ridiculous thing Elisabeth will say or wear.
really, she wore a tiny polka dot blazer just last week.
I swear.
She really gets me all fired up, but I love that Rosie and Joy are there to put her in her place.
I mean just the insinuation that maybe the ten little girls wouldn't have been shot in their school house if the teachers, who are also their Mothers, were armed also, just made my blood boil. Boil!

Don't even get me started on Barbara.

I think my son has finally pushed through in regards to school. Today when I dropped him off he was in good spirits, wasn't shy and assured me he would do circle time and art today.
That will score him some disgusting gummy treats that the kids love but I think were created by the devil, aka the dentist, because those are near impossible to brush out of the molars.
It is a master plan people, a master plan.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Rainy Days are Mall Days

I may have some good news to share with you soon.
That would be so great wouldn't it? Aren't you sick of hearing about how sad my life is and how nothing ever goes right for me?
I am sure you are as sick of it as I am of living it. Why do you even come back? Why? Why?

Maybe our luck has changed.

I took the kids to the mall today to have lunch and buy the tinkerbell crown my daughter has to have for her costume. I tried to get away with just a fluffy scrunchy type thing for her hair but she was disgusted and said she needed the crown. How dare I.
I swear this kid is only three. She just acts, yells and talks like a 15 year old.

When we get to the mall the Disney store is all black. It turns out nobody showed up for work today.
That was the rumor in the mall anyway.
It was a packed store with new merchandise so I know it wasn't closed for good.
There is nothing worse then a closed Disney store to a three year old. That much I can tell you.
Well, besides being tinkerbell for Halloween without a crown!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


I think I got all of you on my blogroll now. Thank you for all the new reads, I love a nice new read.
I will check them all out this weekend.

It seems like all the bugs in all of the world have taken up residence in my house. Since it turned into fall here in NJ, the bugs are seeking a warm place to live in my house.
They should know better.

I love animals, I really do. I have cats and I have had dogs, birds, rabbits and hampsters as pets, I frequent the zoo and love going on nature walks.
BUT, I do not like creatures in my house unless they have been invited in.

Last week we had a skunk in our garage, which was a scary situation. I wanted him out but didn't want to scare him out because, obviously, I didn't want to smell skunk in my house for the next 56 years.

In the past week I have found crickets, spiders and flies.
I am not one of those people who captures the spider and lets him go in the garden to live out his life and eat all the "bad bugs".
To me, all bugs are bad if they are in my house.
I kill them and I do it with force. I squeeze their tiny bodies like I was squeezing a lemon and then flush them for good measure.
I don't want any bugs to resurrect.

If they bug is too big for me to kill, like anything bigger then a nickel, I call in reinforcements, namely E.
He kills them for me.
I love that about him. I just yell "bug!" and he will walk into whichever room I am in, armed with a tissue and kill it no questions asked, no comments made.
If E is not home when the offender makes himself known, I will suck him up with a vacuum and then continue vacuuming the floor for good measure.

I can admit it, my name is Tuesday, and I am a bug killer.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Me, Adult?

Thanks guys, I love your blog suggestions.
Also, wow, there are so many blogs that I read and I didn't have you guys on my blogroll! I am bad at hooking a sister up.
Excuse me: sista.

It feels like it was just yesterday that I would wait up for my parents to get home from back to school night. I would drill them about my teachers, how they liked them, what they said about me, which ones they remembered (I grew up in the same town my parents did) and inevitably, which teachers thought my Dad was cute.
Now it is my turn. Tonight is back to school night at my kids school. It isn't an official back to school night, because they are only in preschool, but it makes me feel old.
Like I am an adult.
Who knew I would get old?

Por Favor

My blogroll is a little sparse. I know my blog is your favorite but I would like you to send me one or two of your favorite blogs for me to check out.
Plus, if your blog isn't on my list let me know and I will remedy that immediately.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Today, like every school day so far, my son has clung to my leg and asked to go home. My daughter walks right in, hands the teacher her apple she picked for her this weekend and started to play.
My son clings to my leg so I cannot walk, refuses to talk to the teacher, lets his apple fall to the floor and whines he wants to go home.

I make him stay because it is a great school and he needs to be more independent from me and his twin sister, he needs more socialization and I need a break.
Plus, for what I am paying a month for two lousy half days, he is staying!

He is a child that needs time to warm up and the teacher says after 15-20 minutes or so he is fine and plays and has fun.
Now the question is should I make him keep going?
This is just preschool here, but I am not sure he will let his sister go without him, but I do not want to continue to pay over $500 a month to have his sulk for 20 minutes a day.
He can sulk at home with me for free.

I will talk to his teachers tomorrow at parent/teacher night.
That makes me feel like an adult.
Parent/teacher conferences are for adults and stuff and I will plan not to wear something too cleavage revealing and bring a note pad. I also plan to sit at those little tables and to sniff the paint and paper that smells just like school and brings me back 25 years.

Although, I do feel like a terrible Mom today because when I got home, I read the calendar for this month and today was pizza day!
Nobody told me!
My kids are going to be the only ones who have to eat a crappy sandwich I packed with love instead of pizza!
I actually do feel terrible and I imagine them all alone at a table eating their shitty apple I packed while all the cool kids are at another table laughing and singing and eating their fun pizza lunch.

I think I need intense therapy.

Monday, October 02, 2006


It is no secret that my kids are bossy.
Let me clarify, my daughter is really bossy and my son is bossy only 50% of the time.
They have not caught on to the fact that I am the boss of this entire house and all the souls that reside in it.

My kids are music lovers, the love classical music, pop and one particular Hulk cd that makes you want to poke holes into your ears.
I have no problem with listening to music that they like all day but lately it has become obnoxious.

First it was the obsession with the song "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt. I liked that song as much as the next guy...................when it came out.
Not so much. Overkill.
We had to listen to it over and over, and when it wasn't being played on the stereo, it was being sung by my kids.
Very cute the first 300 times, after that, not so much.

Then my daughter wanted the Kidz Bops cd, she saw on television. It included the "beautiful song" my daughter loves. So, I bought it for them.

Now it has turned into the fact that I cannot drive .3 miles without a request for their new favorite song. Guess what it is?
Badlands by Bruce Springsteen.

I like Bruce, I like the E street band, heck I was the one who was listening to the cd when I picked them up from school introducing the song into their tiny song
As a resident of the state of NJ, you have to like Bruce.
It is the law. We should even be forced to wear shirts to show our support of NJ and Bruce.
Maybe one that says "WWBD?" ( what would Bruce do?) or "NJ is the Boss" or even "I pay the highest property taxes in the nation and all I got was this lousy t- shirt and I love Bruce".

I am on a roll.
Now I have to go apply for a government job, I can't let all this go to waste.