Thursday, October 26, 2006

Things That Make Me Pissed Off

Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars annually for research and development. They make drugs, have drug trials, try to figure out the side effects, see how it interacts with other medications and try to cure diseases. Especially with October being breast cancer awarement month and millions of dollars being donated towards this cause, and cures for hundreds of other diseases, I wonder why scientists spend years on an invisibility cloak.

I wonder why all of our resources and brilliant minds focus on, what I think, are ridiculous, frivolous things when there are diseases to cure.



  1. I know how you feel; I feel the same sometimes. But there are lots of things like that in our world. Americans spend 8 billion dollars a year on winter decorations. 6 billion dollars would just about 100% solve the problem of not enough clean drinking water for everyone in Africa, saving millions and millions of lives now and in future generations.

    It's kind of sad.

  2. Amber, now I am even more depressed. And I vow not to buy any new Christmas decoration and give theat small amount of money to charity this winter.

  3. I totally agree. I don't understand how we can send robot rovers to Mars, astronauts to the moon, but still, no cure for cancer.

  4. It's totally discouraging, it's true. (Although, I have to admit that my first response was "Invisibility cloak?!? Totally cool! But, then I got control of the 6 year-old inside me.)

    The stats about Christmas decorations are depressing. One thing I try and do each year is give the people on my holiday list who really don't need any more "stuff" animals from Heifer Project International which is my favorite charity. It's a tiny thing, I know, and mainly it just makes me feel better about myself, but I like to think it makes a small amount of difference to someone.


  5. annie, I have used that charity before for christening or new baby gifts. It is a great organization.

  6. It is all because that is the type of research the government is funding nowadays. When you don't work in a pharmaceutical company, you depend on funding from the NIH. And every year Congress decides how much money will go for mars rovers, how much will go for cancer cures, and how much will go for invisibility cloaks. Defense spending is big nowadays.

    In response to Brandi's comment: sending an astronaut to the moon is a lot easier then curing cancer. But there are lots and lots of us who are trying.


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