Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I have succumbed to a power greater then myself.
Brace yourself.
I have found myself watching Grey's Anatomy.
I know, the horror of it all is unbelievable.

I usually hate shows that have all these bandwagon jumpers unless I started watching the show from the beginning, like I have with Lost.
Dancing with the stars, Prison Break, Grey's, I say no thank you to them all.
But the summer was so boring, and I needed something to watch that was new to me every once in awhile so I rented the first season.
I got into it midway through the episodes and now I am an official bandwagon jumper.
I am so proud.

How can you resist, the men on that show are fantastic. There is the cover staple of magazines right now, Patrick Dempsey, the vet Chris O'Donnell and the hotty Eric Dane.

It got me to thinking, which guy would be for me? Would I take the unavailable, handsome doctor who can't make a decision about who to be with? McDreamy is the guy you picture marrying when you are 15.
The sweet, romantic type that loves animals? McVet is the kind of guy you always say you want but leave him for the bad boy.
Or would I take the hot, sexy, no commitment type of guy? Mc Steamy is the bad boy, who you wish could have a little more McVet in him.

I would take McSteamy. He is just the best looking guy I have ever seen.
Yummy, yum, yum.

So, which Grey's man would you take?


  1. You know... I have never watched this show before, but I must be missing on something SPECTACULAR!

    I never thought about RENTING the episodes! I might have to try that!

  2. I think I would have to take Burke. He is definitely not my type, McSteamy is my type. But something about his genius and sophistication is very attractive.
    My second choice is George. He is just so....George and that is totally cute.

  3. Jenni, rent and see what you think. The first season was alright, but the second season was what made me a fan.

  4. I'd have to go by age. Eric Dane is the youngest so he'd be my choice. McDreamy is actually a year older than me and that will NEVER do.

  5. mcsteamy! I love that show:)


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