Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oh, how I love Halloween. I think getting to dress up as something you could/would never be is so much fun. My Mom was much craftier then I am because she would always make our costumes and even her own. I am not that crafty, I have to buy costumes.
My son wanted to be spiderman this year and it happens that my sister-in-law bought him just that costume. My daugher is going to be Tinkerbell because that was a costume we had handed down to us.

They are having a little parade at school and a party. My first school party! I signed up as soon as the sign up sheet went up and volunteered to bring cookies. I don't think I will make them but I will buy something very festive for their "harvest party".
Last year E was away on business for halloween so this year he is excited to go house to house with us. We will be pushing our favorite candy on the way and you can read about that here.

Remember when you would collect your candy in a brown paper bag or a pillowcase? Now they sell cool buckets that the kids all want but they cost $8.00 for something that they use for an hour once a year!
I remember carrying the unicef box that they would hand out in school too, collecting money and treats.
Ohh, and how about those plastic masks with eye holes barely cut out in them. Very safe for kids crossing the streets at night!

What is your favorite Halloween memory as a kid?


  1. Coming home and sorting the crap candy from the good stuff, aka anything chocolate. Homemade stuff was thrown out, and not b/c of safety, but because it always tasted like crap.

    I also loved the old masks. We kept the wonder woman mask forever and I remember one time sticking my tongue through the eye hole and cutting it because the plastic was so sharp.

  2. Hell, my kids can't even do halloween parties, parades or anything at school-- and definitely NO COSTUMES! (And this is a PUBLIC schooL!)
    Apparently many religions don't believe in Halloween, so now its just a boring "Fall Party." Cookies, juice boxes, and they get the last whopping 30 minutes of the school day. Times they are a changin'! So different than when WE were all growing up!

  3. I love my memories of going to my Maw-Maws after trick or treating and comparing who had gotten the most candy. Maw-Maw would serve up hot chocolate and we would chow down on the loot! Of course my mom was always looking for the bad pieces I know the truth.

  4. You really wanna know?

    As much as I loved the running, the candy, and the unicef boxes, mine was egging the house of the dentist who made a mistake and pulled six teeth out of my mouth (forcibly) when he was only supposed to pull one.

  5. I used to love swapping out candy with my sister when we got home, and how there was always that one Best House Ever that gave out whole candy bars.

    My favorite part of Halloween now is the part where I get to dress up my poor unsuspecting dogs. They totally love it, they're just in denial.

  6. I never got to go out for trick-or-treating (this city is not safe!) so the one year I got to go I was a witch and got lots of loot! My candy lasted until December because I hid it from my sister and I wanted to 'save it'. I did get to dress up for school every year and I remember once crying because my mother made me go as a clown when I wanted to be She-Ra.


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