Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Today, like every school day so far, my son has clung to my leg and asked to go home. My daughter walks right in, hands the teacher her apple she picked for her this weekend and started to play.
My son clings to my leg so I cannot walk, refuses to talk to the teacher, lets his apple fall to the floor and whines he wants to go home.

I make him stay because it is a great school and he needs to be more independent from me and his twin sister, he needs more socialization and I need a break.
Plus, for what I am paying a month for two lousy half days, he is staying!

He is a child that needs time to warm up and the teacher says after 15-20 minutes or so he is fine and plays and has fun.
Now the question is should I make him keep going?
This is just preschool here, but I am not sure he will let his sister go without him, but I do not want to continue to pay over $500 a month to have his sulk for 20 minutes a day.
He can sulk at home with me for free.

I will talk to his teachers tomorrow at parent/teacher night.
That makes me feel like an adult.
Parent/teacher conferences are for adults and stuff and I will plan not to wear something too cleavage revealing and bring a note pad. I also plan to sit at those little tables and to sniff the paint and paper that smells just like school and brings me back 25 years.

Although, I do feel like a terrible Mom today because when I got home, I read the calendar for this month and today was pizza day!
Nobody told me!
My kids are going to be the only ones who have to eat a crappy sandwich I packed with love instead of pizza!
I actually do feel terrible and I imagine them all alone at a table eating their shitty apple I packed while all the cool kids are at another table laughing and singing and eating their fun pizza lunch.

I think I need intense therapy.


  1. Julia is the same as your daughter- has never had an issue about school. And I want pizza day at my house for lunch today :)

  2. wait- so pizza day means YOU have to bring the pizza for them (or pack it?) Shouldn't pizza day mean they get pizza for the kids? That's what it used to mean for us when I was in school...(well, hell if that didn't make me feel old!)

    As for your son- my son is the same way in the morning at the sitter's. She says he calms down right after I leave...I think it's because boys are more attached totheir mothers. (Someone once said that to me...)

  3. Diana, I forgot to give them pizza money, but tomorrow I will pay for pizza day for the entire month so as not to be the bad mom again!

  4. okay, I see. Times have obviously changed, now I am in training for when my bugger goes to school...

  5. I say keep him in pre-school. His teacher will let you know if he really isn't ready for it. Is it possible to have someone else take him to school? Maybe the difficulty with transition really is in leaving you...not with going to school.

  6. Best to keep them both in. My 8 yr. old was like that all the way till the middle of kingdergarten. And although it was hard, it did get alittle easier day by day. A girlfriend of mine pulled her daughter out and the adjustment took much longer...plus she's now in 2nd grade and thinks if she has a temper tantrum she doesn't have to go to school. =)


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