Friday, October 13, 2006


E is away on business again and I have returned to a walking zombie. The kids woke up on 5 different occasions last night to ask for ridiculous things like :
You didn't put my blanket on
You didn't put my blanket on correctly
My stuffed animal has fallen out of my bed
I need a sweater to keep myself warm
The cats keep playing in my room.

I am a mess this morning. I realize I cannot figure out the perfect amount of coffee to water ratio and my coffee was too weak today.
Yesterday it was too strong.

I really need E home because I need my coffee and dunkin donuts doesn't deliver for some strange reason!
Oh, yeah, and because I miss him.


  1. If the donut shops delivered, there stocks would shoot through the roof (and our asses through our jeans), but wouldn't every one be just a tad happier?

  2. Anonymous7:42 AM

    I so feel your pain! My hubby happens to be home right now, but pretty useless, lol. My daughter was up for 4 hours last night screaming like someone was stabbing her with a hot poker. Hubby had fallen asleep downstairs so I came down to ask for some help and he told me he was sick and couldn't move, then started snoring. I too feel like a zombie today. Good luck, I'd say nap when they do, but that would be a joke, huh?

  3. I remember when I was in ninth grade there was a brief period when the McDonalds in our town delivered. It was like achieving nirvana because we couldn't drive but could still aquire junk food without our parent's catching on, if we were really slick about it.

  4. darlin'
    your darlings are going to land you on Nanny 911. tell them everyone needs to sleep so you'll only be attending to life threatening calls. then get some earplugs. sounds mean, but if you continue to cater to nightly whims they'll just wake themselves up to think of more :(

    i hope E gets home soon and safe!

  5. I don't do coffee, but if Dunkin Doofus would deliver some of that yummy hot chocolate I'd be broke.
    My son asks for milk in HIS SLEEP. I guess that when he gets older I'll be dealing with this, too right?

  6. Wow, you have a way of saying things that are like "Oh my god, I know exactly what you mean!" Really, how awesome would life be if dunkin donuts delivered? And when my husband is away, I still have to make a whole pot of coffee because I know how to make that much perfectly. I just can't get it right if I try to make less!


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