Friday, October 20, 2006

Haunted Houses and Favors

I am so excited we are going here tomorrow night. It is parent's night out and we are doing it BIG. Some Philly cheese steaks and a haunted prison.
Now, that is class.

In other exciting news, I have started a new blog. It is a parenting blog and although I am unqualified for it, some cats hired me to write it and you will find it here:
Now for the favor part of this entry. I am asking all of you to link my new blog onto yours.
Then go to my blog every day and lick on all the linkyness I have going on there.

You can forget that last part, but linking to me? Linking is good.
I would appreciate it and hey, if you ever need a kidney you know who to come to.

Well, maybe not a kidney but a haunted house referral?
Now that is where I am at.

edit: Thanks for telling my my link wasn't working, I think I fixed it now.
I will continue this blog, because this is my personal blog. Lets call it my first love.
The new blog, is for paper, bills, cashola, dinero, money or whatever you want to call it. It will be updated frequently as I agreed to ten posts a week.
What was I thinking??


  1. Just thought I'd let you know that your linky doesn't worky. I figured it out, but you may want to edit.

    I will certainly add your link (first to bloglines and then some day to my site b/c that's a PIA to keep up on). Congrats on the gig. Do you plan to keep up on this one as well?

  2. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Ditto DD's comment - your link didnt work, but I figured it out. Good luck to you on your blogs! And congrats! Love your blog here, and I'll be sure to catch you on the other one too!

  3. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I added you to my blog, by the way! Hope you like my new blog and add me to yours as well! Take good care!

  4. Thanks guys!
    mama, consider it done!

  5. 10 posts a week! Bwahahahaha! Actually I'm sure you can do that without any problem, but I wonder if it's harder with twins (since you're doubly busy) or if it's easier (because you've got twice the "fodder").

  6. yummmmmmm, cheeeeese steaks! (...drool...)
    I miss those. You can't find cheese steaks here.

    Have fun at the haunted prison! Let us know how it went. I'm hoping to go to the haunted hayride and haunted asylum they're having here, if it stops raining.

  7. dd, you are going down with replies like that! Don't make me come over there! Actually please invite me, I love a ncie new house and I saw pictures of that tuuuubbb!

    diana, I love this time of year and I am up for anything haunted!

  8. You are so lucky. My Honey and I were there in May. Spooky stuff. We went to Geno's (although we prefer Pat's) and toured Eastern State. I wish we were going back in time for Halloween.

  9. brandi, that is the big debate. genos or pats?
    I say, which ever has the shortest line!

  10. I linked to you. :)

  11. Have fun at on the haunted tour. I have actually never done it! I will get there one of these years! Also, I would vote for Geno's over Pat's but the best is the White House in AC! Off to read your new blog. Congrats!

  12. I'll link ya and we can exchange? :)

  13. Hi. Thanks for stopping by. Can't want to delve into yours... And 10 posts a week for the paying gig? Wow. You sound like one very energetic and organized woman. My hat is off to you!


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