Thursday, October 05, 2006


I think I got all of you on my blogroll now. Thank you for all the new reads, I love a nice new read.
I will check them all out this weekend.

It seems like all the bugs in all of the world have taken up residence in my house. Since it turned into fall here in NJ, the bugs are seeking a warm place to live in my house.
They should know better.

I love animals, I really do. I have cats and I have had dogs, birds, rabbits and hampsters as pets, I frequent the zoo and love going on nature walks.
BUT, I do not like creatures in my house unless they have been invited in.

Last week we had a skunk in our garage, which was a scary situation. I wanted him out but didn't want to scare him out because, obviously, I didn't want to smell skunk in my house for the next 56 years.

In the past week I have found crickets, spiders and flies.
I am not one of those people who captures the spider and lets him go in the garden to live out his life and eat all the "bad bugs".
To me, all bugs are bad if they are in my house.
I kill them and I do it with force. I squeeze their tiny bodies like I was squeezing a lemon and then flush them for good measure.
I don't want any bugs to resurrect.

If they bug is too big for me to kill, like anything bigger then a nickel, I call in reinforcements, namely E.
He kills them for me.
I love that about him. I just yell "bug!" and he will walk into whichever room I am in, armed with a tissue and kill it no questions asked, no comments made.
If E is not home when the offender makes himself known, I will suck him up with a vacuum and then continue vacuuming the floor for good measure.

I can admit it, my name is Tuesday, and I am a bug killer.


  1. I still haven't got my husband trained with the "Bug!" command. He has to ask why can't I do it? Where is it? What kind do I think it is? What's it's natural habitat and so on and so on.

    By the time he gets around to killing mode, the damn thing has disappeared!

  2. Melanie Marie9:27 AM

    Oh, I HATE bug inside! They do not belong there! I wish I had a bug killer, that would be handy!

    A few years ago my apartment was suddenly infested with some small bugs. It took me about a week to notice that the bugs seemed to like to crawl on this one specific chair. A chair that I had recently received as a hand-me-down from my sister's basement. It took me a few more days to realize that the bugs were coming FROM the chair. (I am not usually that dense!) Thank God I have a balcony. I shoved it out there and called my daddy! :)

  3. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Lucky your man takes care of the bugs - mine usually calls for me, lol! yeah this house of ours is on a slab and has so many disgusting bugs - i've never lived on a slab, so I'm assuming it's the slab's fault! and we have tons of other critters around us too since behind us is woods, don't like them one bit.

    (FYI - I moved my blog to

  4. My husband subscribes to the "catch and release program" in our's extremely frustrating. Especially since half the time he loses the bug somewhere between the bedroom and the front door. I'm a "kill first, then clean up the guts after" OR I quickly run for the vacuum to suck up those suckers. My husband tells me my karma's fucked...what can I say?

  5. I am also a bug killer. If the bug requires reinforcements in my house- I call out 'bug' and MY husband says "KILL IT!". I proceed to scream like a banshee and tell him to get his ass over here and kill it before I throw it at him!!!
    For some reason spiders seem to love my house this year, and I HATEHATEHATE it.

  6. Oh yes...bugs have no place in my house either. I agree!

    They get stepped on, squashed and sometimes eaten up by my crazy dog.
    Hey whatever works right?

  7. Not me... :(


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