Friday, October 06, 2006

Rainy Days are Mall Days

I may have some good news to share with you soon.
That would be so great wouldn't it? Aren't you sick of hearing about how sad my life is and how nothing ever goes right for me?
I am sure you are as sick of it as I am of living it. Why do you even come back? Why? Why?

Maybe our luck has changed.

I took the kids to the mall today to have lunch and buy the tinkerbell crown my daughter has to have for her costume. I tried to get away with just a fluffy scrunchy type thing for her hair but she was disgusted and said she needed the crown. How dare I.
I swear this kid is only three. She just acts, yells and talks like a 15 year old.

When we get to the mall the Disney store is all black. It turns out nobody showed up for work today.
That was the rumor in the mall anyway.
It was a packed store with new merchandise so I know it wasn't closed for good.
There is nothing worse then a closed Disney store to a three year old. That much I can tell you.
Well, besides being tinkerbell for Halloween without a crown!


  1. You'd have to beat me away with a stick, or even a pink, feather-wrapped wand would do.

    Don't keep us hanging too long.

  2. For me you would have to say you hate me, and even then I would come back to ask you "why? *sniffle*"

    A closed Disney store? Something is very, very wrong here. I'm going to have to go check on my local one to make sure they didn't strike or something, because that's where I plan on getting Little Man's costume!

  3. You MUST be a horrible mother! LOL Wait, I mean it mUST be a horrible Disney store! LOL

  4. i distrust and quite possibly loathe disney. walt was an anti-semite and their movies always portray women horridly.

    that said, i have an extra crown hanging around that i would happily mail to you to use for the holiday :) i'll need it back for, uh, for the kid...

  5. Oh Julia was Tinkerbelle last year and yes we had to have the wand too. This year she will be Jasmine- have to be a freaking Disney Princess every year! This is the thrid year in a row. We let me tell you that was another $50 costume :)

    And I want good news :)

  6. How can the store just be closed!? That is so weird!

  7. Amanda, I know the costuems are cute but so expensive. This was a hand me down from my cousin. yes!

    Nita, thank you so much but I have already purchased one at another Disney store.
    just wait until your daughter falls in love with princesses. Mine did 2.5 years old and we are still obssessed with them.


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