Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Me, Adult?

Thanks guys, I love your blog suggestions.
Also, wow, there are so many blogs that I read and I didn't have you guys on my blogroll! I am bad at hooking a sister up.
Excuse me: sista.

It feels like it was just yesterday that I would wait up for my parents to get home from back to school night. I would drill them about my teachers, how they liked them, what they said about me, which ones they remembered (I grew up in the same town my parents did) and inevitably, which teachers thought my Dad was cute.
Now it is my turn. Tonight is back to school night at my kids school. It isn't an official back to school night, because they are only in preschool, but it makes me feel old.
Like I am an adult.
Who knew I would get old?


  1. & in a couple of years you can be a deadbeat like I, and just simply skip Back to School Night...

    I sort of suck sometimes.

    RE: Blogs... um, I didn't read the other suggestions, but how about:

    Always great posts.

  2. It does make ya feel old. My daughter (1st grade) is so independent now it seems, it's kinda sad seeing them grow up.

  3. That last post was from me. Oops! Pigs in a Blanket is my personal blog for the grandparents because no way would I let them read my Motherhood one. LOL


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