Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I have a love/hate relationship with being scared. I loved scary movies and books since I was small. I have no problem watching them or hearing ghost stories but going to bed alone after watching them? Not so good.

I do believe in the paranormal, and it really fascinates me. I mean we are all energy, when we die where does the energy go?
I have never had any experiences with ghosts or the paranormal. I don't have any ghost stories that I have experienced.
Do you?

Your job today is to scare me with your ghost story or a link me to your own or someone else's ghoulish tales.

**edit** I do have one weird tale, when E and I first moved in together before we were married we rented this little house that was a guest house of this beautiful mansion. We lived virtually in the woods and it was very cozy.
Anyway one of our cats always we go in our bedroom and sit at the head of the bed staring into the corner of our room. his eyes would dart around the corner of the room, and he would sit perfectly still. I thought maybe there was a bug he was watching but there was nothing there. He always did it until we moved out of that house.


  1. I've had a few experiences actually! The first was when I was young- I heard someone walking down the hall at my grandma's and when I got up to check, everyone was asleep. So I think it was my grandpa.

    The next was after my Nanny (grandma) passed away. It was like 2 days later and I was up late on the computer. I heard her DISTINCTLY - not in my head- like out LOUD- say my name in the NEXT ROOM. I went into the room and said "UH, nanny?" lol. She didn't answer. Guess she just wanted me to know she was there?

    We also had some freaky stuff happen last week. Tim heard someone hushing Leah on the monitor- she said "Shhh- baby." and when he went to check on her she was playing in her crib. And the other night I saw something pass behind me when I was looking in the bathroom mirror.

  2. ok first, I have to tell you that my kids came to me not too long after we'd bought this house and said they often hear two little girls giggling in my oldest daughter's room even when no one is even on the kids side of the house. We often look up to catch only a glimpse someone/thing... but I'd have to say it isn't scary.

    I also have a knack for predicting trouble. I don't wear a seatbelt in my car because I'm claustrophobic, and if my oldest kids are in the back seat they often skip it too (I know!!! It's terrible but they're 19 and 17) We've been driving down the road on two occassions when out of the blue I told everyone to put them on. Within 2 minutes we had been involved in a wreck (not our fault).

    Three times something bad has either happened to my son or almost happened and each time I have had a gut feeling and called his cell phone.

    Lastly, when I was married to my first husband- he'd gone to a club one night with some people from work. Around 10pm I just got this feeling in my gut like someone had kicked me, so I loaded up the kids and drove to the club. I wasn't going to try to go in because I had the kids AND I only had on a tshit and shorts. No shoes, no bra... I wasn't getting out of my car. Within 15 minutes he comes walking out to get something out of a coworker's car so I asked him what he'd been doing with his arm around "Cindy." He looked stunned then said that they'd been trying to scare off some guy. Then I asked him the name of the blonde girl he'd been kissing. He damn near fainted.
    I have no idea how I knew what I knew but I knew I wasn't wrong.

  3. Click on my name which will link you to my blog. I just posted a story today.

  4. I have many experiences that I have (tried) to surpress because they scare me shitless. I'll give you a couple:
    When I was younger I would wake up in the middle of the night and see and hear people in my room, standing all over the place. Sometimes they would try to hide make an effort to not let me 'see' them, but I always knew they were there. My mother never believed me and always told me to pray, and they would go away. They didn't.
    At our first place together, my hubby and I always felt something was wrong with the house. Our son was only three months old, but something in the kitchen would always catch his attention and he would stare that way and smile, even if I was talking to him or trying to get his attention. We moved out when he was 1 year old, and to the day that we left he would always go into the kitchen to 'talk' to someone. He wanted to be in the kitchen a lot. Someone once told me they saw a person's face in the reflection of a picture I had hanging in there...
    Who knows.
    Freak you out?

  5. I love these stories guys! Keep em coming.

  6. Well, for starters, check out my Mamarazzi post today www.mamarazzi.org and that should be enough to scare even the bravest soul...

    As for real life... when my son was a baby he used to "talk" at night to someone in his room... not just babble, but you could tell there was an actual conversation happening... I would eventually go into his room and say, "Listen, he is a baby and he needs to sleep... come back tomorrow, please."

    Within minutes Jack would be sound asleep... until the next night!!

    I never worried about it... whoever (ghost? guardian angel?) it was was obviously friendly and thoughtful...

  7. I once used a Ouiji board with my brother and he asked if the spirits could send him good luck with money. The next day my mom brought home an old fashioned lighter from an estate sale and when my brother took out the bottom to put the lighter fluid in there was $300.00 rolled up inside. That was pretty freaky!


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