Monday, October 16, 2006

The Devils Playground

Yesterday we had a first. We had out first friend from school birthday party.
It was at a place I vowed never to return, Chuck E. Cheese.

I can see how it is fun for the kids, because they did love it, having never been there before, but it was stressful for me.
It was so loud with the machines ringing and SO many kids running around it is definitely sensory overload. My son usually doesn't do well with that kind of noise and activity level but he did like the games and ride ons.
I was just so afraid of losing one of the kids I was frantic the entire time. I was holding my purse, the kids coats, our tokens all the while making sure both of them followed me.

I won't take the kids back because there are so many cool play places and outdoor things to do here, to me it is a waste, but they did have fun.

I, on the other hand, added 14 new gray hairs to my collection.


  1. I hate that place too. But for a slightly different reason. I used to work there YUCK. My mom MADE me as my first job. She went up, got me an application and scored me an interview in the same breath and told me I had NO CHOICE. It was HELL.

  2. kristen, did you have to dance with chuck? I am laughing picturing that!!

    DD, It is probably 104!

  3. YUCK. I hate Chuck E Cheese. I keep hopinh my kids will eventually outgrow that place or somehow forget its there! LOL

  4. Holy crap, talk about a flashback! I don't remember the last time I went to Chuck E Cheese but my grandparents used to take my sister and myself like once a year. Of course I was pretty easy to keep track of as all I did was play skee ball. Yep, I'm "that girl"..

  5. Smaller town here so no Chucky Cheese but it's about 45 minutes away and we've promised the kids 1,000 times to take them there. LOL I've heard their pizza is horrible though and it's a rip off so we'll keep stalling for awhile longer.


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