Monday, October 02, 2006


It is no secret that my kids are bossy.
Let me clarify, my daughter is really bossy and my son is bossy only 50% of the time.
They have not caught on to the fact that I am the boss of this entire house and all the souls that reside in it.

My kids are music lovers, the love classical music, pop and one particular Hulk cd that makes you want to poke holes into your ears.
I have no problem with listening to music that they like all day but lately it has become obnoxious.

First it was the obsession with the song "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt. I liked that song as much as the next guy...................when it came out.
Not so much. Overkill.
We had to listen to it over and over, and when it wasn't being played on the stereo, it was being sung by my kids.
Very cute the first 300 times, after that, not so much.

Then my daughter wanted the Kidz Bops cd, she saw on television. It included the "beautiful song" my daughter loves. So, I bought it for them.

Now it has turned into the fact that I cannot drive .3 miles without a request for their new favorite song. Guess what it is?
Badlands by Bruce Springsteen.

I like Bruce, I like the E street band, heck I was the one who was listening to the cd when I picked them up from school introducing the song into their tiny song
As a resident of the state of NJ, you have to like Bruce.
It is the law. We should even be forced to wear shirts to show our support of NJ and Bruce.
Maybe one that says "WWBD?" ( what would Bruce do?) or "NJ is the Boss" or even "I pay the highest property taxes in the nation and all I got was this lousy t- shirt and I love Bruce".

I am on a roll.
Now I have to go apply for a government job, I can't let all this go to waste.


  1. This is funny stuff! My husband, who is from California (blech) is constantly saying that Texans (me and my kids) love Texas above all things. I have to admit its true, but I can't tell him that because He's never right. Even when he's right, he's wrong! That's just the way it is.

    Every time we're watching a show or listening to the radio if any of the people involved are from Texas I point it out to him. He hates that, so it's nice to know Texans aren't the only ones.

    Wasn't it Rick Springfield who sang a song about people confusing him with Springstein? I wonder if he is from Texas! LOOOOOOOL

  2. We have an extremely obnoxious pug named Bruce so I hear that name being screamed at least 50 times in any sixty minute period...when I saw the title of your post my first thought was, "What the hell did he do now???

    He was named after Bruce Wayne, not that that really makes a difference...

  3. It could be worse. You could be listening to the wiggles 24- 7

  4. My 8 and 13 yr. old have been listening the A-Teen...heard of it???? It's a band that has remade every ABBA song! I didn't like ABBA is the 70's. I certainly don't need to hear the remakes on full volume.

  5. LOL. Don't for get Jon Bonjovi! I grew up obsessing over him!! That hair!! That smile! LOL.

    And for us, Leah wore out Crazy by Gnarles Barkly.

  6. ah tuesday, you're beautiful :)


    we're all about maroon 5 here and i just ordered Prince's Rave Un2 the LIght Fantastic concert so, yah, can't wait!


  7. Kristi, I even think people who are from Texas love it above all things!
    Kelly, been there done that!!!!
    Kristen, that mayyyy be worse,
    Cori, never heard of that group. Dancing Queen will always remind me of my wedding.


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