Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Enjoy The View

I have become obsessed with watching the first fifteen minutes of the view every day. I just have to see what ridiculous thing Elisabeth will say or wear.
really, she wore a tiny polka dot blazer just last week.
I swear.
She really gets me all fired up, but I love that Rosie and Joy are there to put her in her place.
I mean just the insinuation that maybe the ten little girls wouldn't have been shot in their school house if the teachers, who are also their Mothers, were armed also, just made my blood boil. Boil!

Don't even get me started on Barbara.

I think my son has finally pushed through in regards to school. Today when I dropped him off he was in good spirits, wasn't shy and assured me he would do circle time and art today.
That will score him some disgusting gummy treats that the kids love but I think were created by the devil, aka the dentist, because those are near impossible to brush out of the molars.
It is a master plan people, a master plan.


  1. That was too funny!
    I don't get a chance to ever really watch The View. But I do know what I have seen has made me laugh at ELisabeth too. She rubs me the wrong way.

    Gald to hear your son is doing better.

  2. If my son doesn't like the gummy whatevers, should I count myself lucky? What if he likes fruit rollups instead?

    Food is definitely not the way to my son's extroverted self. Toys win hands-down every time.

    I've never watched the View. Everytime I see or hear Barbara talk, all I can think of is Saturday Nite Live and the hundreds of skits that were done making fun of her. "This is Babwa Wawas..."

  3. I'll admit it, I just can't understand the fascination with The View.

    Alas. Good to hear that everyone's getting comfortable with school.

    That's going to be a daunting challenge, but fortunately we've got a couple years to go on that one.

  4. Ugh, I saw the blazer...I liked her better when she was discount shopping on The Look for Less.

  5. I loathe Elisabeth Hassle-crack... she just makes me SO MAD!

  6. I thought it was so painful watching Elisabeth trying to justify the war in Iraq the other day I had to turn it off so I completely agree with this post.


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