Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Am Pissed At..................

We can all agree Chuck E. Cheese is a horrible, terrible place for us to frequent but why the hell are there so many people there?

What else can we complain about? Sticky gross lollipops?
How you can never get the spout of a sippy cup really clean therefore you throw it out only to have to purchase 348 sippy cups in your lifetime?
Don't even get me started on the sippy cups with straws.

So what do you want to complain about today? I will join in on your anger.


  1. The fucking 8 loads of lanudry that I have to wash, fold, and out away. Only thing I am good for it seems like- cleaning, being a mom, and fucking laundry. Oh yeah and being 30 and still breaking out- hello don't need something else that makes me unattractive.

    Thanks Tuesday- needed that :)

  2. Wow Amanda, I loved that.

    I hate putting away laundry too, amybe that is why there is a permant pile of my clothes on the bed in the spare room. : )

  3. Today I am complaining about my neighbors and how very.much.I.hate.them.

    & skinny jeans. Who brought those fuckers back?!

  4. Why this retard at my job shoved her new digital camera in my face and said "how do you work this thing?"
    That's going into a post on my end-
    my response was for her to go read the manual but i was thinking quite a few things she could do WITH the camera...

  5. oooh, oooh and how about when you just buy a brand new sippy and the kid throws a hissy fit and throws the cup on the cement outside and the stupid thing cracks...
    that's a doozy that has happened at my house a couple of times. Is it wrong that I wanted to throw the kid after that?

  6. going to get your first cup of the day and someone else in the office took the last drop without making another pot...

    scandalous and should be a felony

  7. hey...thx for reading my blog.....so you used to hang out downtown?? i love it down there....you said you miss NYC....u moved away???

  8. Kristen don't even get me restarted on skinny jeans, I think I wrote about thos fuckers a couple of days ago.

    Clayton, that is my office pet peeve! That is why you need a water gun at work.

    Diana, there are one of those in every office.
    madmom, I live in South Jersey now, outside of Philly.

  9. ...the fact that I haven't read your blog in a week! Sorry. You have written so much, but I haven't had the chance to read. I hate all the 80's clothes that are back too. I can't beleive that girls are wearing leggings again. Geez! And as for Gray's Anatomy, I choose McDreamy....

  10. I hate the people who pull out into your lane in front of you only to slow down because their exit is coming up in SIX miles. They should be shot with tacks, the lot of them. That'll keep them off the road for a while!

    Thanks, needed that too!

  11. I have a SIL who cannot be "bothered" on Thursday nights to watch our son because SHE has to watch Survivor.

    I wish all those reality show would just fucking die already.


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