Thursday, October 12, 2006

What's Old Is New, Again?

Lets get this straight, you want me to wear big belts, skinny jeans, bubble skirts and leggings again?

Ummmmm, no thank you.

These fashion trends are ok for 15 year old but not for a grown ass lady. I can and will do the long sweater tunics, but that is my limit. My limit!
I grew up in the 80s, I have been there done that.
I am NOT coming back for fashion seconds.


    You wouldn't believe how much I hate that that's what is called fashion now... I did the leggings with the big shirt tied on one side wearing sixteen scruchies on a sideways ponytail...I did the non-matching outfits (and sometimes not on purpose) and I would NOT be doing that now, thank you very much!
    At least someone understands why i won't...

  2. I just turned 40 two days ago and I agree with everything you said... except the "jeans" thing. I have hips. Hot huge hips, but hips and nothing makes my ass look bigger in my opinion than having bootcut jeans. I'm 5'9 and it's hard enough to find jeans long enough so you force me to wear boot cut jeans and I have to buy $200 jeans to get them long enough when I could get some straight legged ones for $80 that would normally be fine. I'm not really a fan of the TRUE skinny jeans but give me some straight legged ones PLEASE!!!!

  3. You had to see me in the mall today trying to find a damn pair of jeans that didn't fit like tights...I mean come on, next it's going to be bicycle shorts and fifteen pair of socks.

  4. Oh I second, third, fourth and fifth that. There is no way I'm rolling up my jeans and I don't even own hairspray anymore, so the big 80s hair is out. Plus this body has birthed enough children to know that leggings will never ever grace my closet again. [In fact I wish they never had 20 years ago.]


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