Friday, September 28, 2007

Fur Baby

Really, how many injustices can Scout the cat endure?

This isn't the first time he had to be strolled around the house, it is the 8374 time.
That we know of. You would think a good mom would know her baby has exceeded all weight limits for this stroller!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Girl Can Dream

I have always been a big drinker. I drink all day long, I always have a full glass in the kitchen and I always bring one to bed at night. I love to drink. That may not be surprising to any of you but what might shock you is that what is in my cup is usually water or juice not alcohol.
I know you presumed otherwise!

So I am a huge fan of liquids. I need a full glass when I sit down to dinner while it is not uncommon for E to sit down without a cup and not even get up parched after eating his meal. What is that about?

With all this drinking comes peeing. I am a person who goes to the bathroom often due to the water consumption. They go hand in hand, so I really cannot complain. What I can complain about is the fact that I have to go to the bathroom at least 15 times a day since I became pregnant. Last night I was up at least three times. I try and go right before I fall asleep, and I always go at least by 7am and during the night? I am lucky if I wake up one time.
So frickin lucky.

I went to the bathroom often when I was pregnant with the twins, but a bit later in the pregnancy when the kids were doing the jig on my bladder (as witnessed on ultrasounds!), not from week 4. If you have been reading this blog for awhile you will know I am germ phobic and a public restroom is my worst nightmare. I know it is just a matter of time before I am hitting up every public restroom in sight if I leave the house for longer then 20 minutes.
I dread that time.

Really, what pregnant women need are "pregnant lady" public restrooms. With a large door to fit our big asses through and high toilets so we can actually get off of the seat with ease!
We would promise to keep it very clean for each other and we would have Tide to go pens in there so we can wipe off the stains we make on our shirts because our stomach no longer fits under any table, or allows us to get within 3 feet of said table. We could have skinny mirrors that made us all look as pretty as we were pre-pregnancy! We would have a massuesse to rub our tired backs while we are washing our hands. We would nod in pasing when one of us sneezed because we knew that she just peed in her pants a little.
Then she would nod back when we coughed because she knew we just did the same.
Life, would be wonderful.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I saw this on a blog awhile ago (I am not sure which one) and I thought I would try it. I put in the year of my birth 1974 into google images and looky what it spit out:

I have no idea who this baseball player is. I do know my sister and I would collect baseball cards when we were little because all the boys on my street did. Plus the gum rocked. I guess they were all thrown out at some point, you would thing some would be worth quite a bit of money now.

I really love Lucy. I still watch I Love Lucy reruns on the weekend. E can't stand it because he hates all black & white shows. He thinks none of them are funny.
He is wrong about my Lucy.

Who doesn't love Chicago? The band not the city. I mean Chicago is a lonely teenage girl's dream. Songs about unrequited love, lost love, love that never was. Some good ice cream, candles, tissues and Chicago Greatest Hits cd and you can never go wrong.

I worked with some people who were all into the Rocky Horror Picture Show when I was in my early 20s. They all dressed up and acted the movie out on the stage as the movie was playing. If you have never been to this show, you should once. If you liked being sprayed with water, toilet papered, forced to dance in public and love looking like the most normal person in the room.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Ive hundred years ago Domestic Chicky deemed me worthy of this award:

So sweet of you Chicky! I will follow tradition and send this to 3 of my many favorite female bloggers.
Twisted Chick is a rocking female. She has great advice and from reading her blog it makes me know I could stop by her house for dinner with no notice and she would welcome me in.

Kristin is honest and is a wonderful mom and wife. I wish she lived next door.

Amanda and I have so much in common it is a shame she lives 3,000 miles away. She would make an awesome drinking buddy and I would never mind a play date with her.

Now go forth and nominate.

I have had my two year old nephew here since Friday, therefore I am even more tired then I thought ever possible. Add a birthday party, some hardcore cleaning, a visit to the local farm and crabby kids this weekend and you can just imagine how fun my life has been.
Oh and my newest pregnancy craving....champagne. Strange, no?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

You're Still The One

September 22, 2000.
We vowed to stay together forever.
Seven years down, forever to go.

I love you.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

If I Wanted Seeds I Would Buy a Packet

I got my hair all done up pretty fancy and I feel like a million bucks.
Well maybe half of a million on account of these constipation issues. Don't want to hear about my constipation? Aww shucks.

For those of you who asked, I am 14 weeks and I am due March 19, but we will try and shoot slightly earlier. I am NOT going to talk about this pregnancy/baby every day, I promise. What I cannot promise you though, is that my posts won't have me complaining, asking for baby name help and the general grossness that happens to your bod when you are pregnant.
You can't say I didn't warn you.

For now, lets discuss watermelon. I bought some the other day and there were no seedless watermelon left. I wondered if there is seedless watermelon and watermelon full of seed, who is buying the seeded one? Who picks up the one with seeds over the one without? Why are we even selling seeded watermelons at all?
I have to contact someone because the seeds in my watermelon are ruining the whole experience for me, and to be honest, I find it quite outrageous.
What is getting on your nerves today?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Thank you for all of your congratulations, we feel very blessed.
Do you know what I am VERY happy about? That there is only ONE baby. ONE, people, how great is that? I was very scared that there was going to be more then one with good reason, I have never been pregnant with just one. I made the ultrasound technician swear there was only one baby and then made another technician swear on her swear. I wanted them to check all crevices where a second baby could hide.
Just one. The best two words ever spoken at an ultrasound.

One of the worst parts of being pregnant is my roots. I don't highlight my hair the first trimester, so today is the day where I get these pesky roots taken care of. I am also going to lop off a couple of inches, I can't deal with this long hair anymore. I LOVE my hairdresser and I love getting to chat with her. She always gives me the scoop on the best places to go out to eat and all the cool places to hit. As much as a pregnant mother of two can be "seen" at cool places.
Obviously at this point in my life it is the little things that make me happy.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Our Journey

When I first met E, I never wanted to date him. I was over dating people I worked with, I had been there and done that and it didn't work. I became friends with him and quickly I feel head over heels in love with him. It was fast for both of us, we worked 14 hours a day together and then we would go out for drinks. We couldn't spend enough time together.

We were engaged two years after we started dating and married 1.5 years after that. Life was easy, living together was easy. E is not a hard man to live with, he is neat and thoughtful. He will clean the cat litter for me because I gag and I will iron his shirts for him because it bothers me that he does one a day instead of doing them all once a week. I will get a new battery for his watch because he can't find the time to do it for 2 years. He will scrub toilets and cook dinner when I just can't do it one more time.

I never though marriage was work, it just wasn't like that for us. I was wrong, it is work. Hard work. We have done a lot of that hard work this year. Our marriage is worth it and so is our family. We have had deaths, health scares, a miscarriage, moves and enough crap for one lifetime already.

That should mean we have had our share and the rest of our lives should be smooth sailing, right? Well, we can hope.

We are always open to a new chapter in our lives.

Fortunately we just turned our page and our new chapter is starting. You will be along for the journey.

We are expecting a new baby next year.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Life With Kids

My daughter had an amazing time meeting Sleeping Beauty. "this is the best day of my life" I think was her exact quote. She is the tall one with her back to the camera. The next day she got to meet Barbie, and preview the movie Barbie, Island Princess. She really had the greatest weekend a four year old could have. Top that off with TWO carnivals we attended this weekend and both of my kids were officially in heaven. E & I were too, it was a great family weekend.

Speaking of E here is a sample of a typical conversation we have:
Me: would you rather lose your penis or a leg?
E: a leg
Me: would you rather lose your penis or your hearing
E: hmm (pondering)
Me: Why wouldn't you save your leg, you are done with having kids and really you have had sex many times in your life, do you really need to have more? Isn't that greedy? You have been there done that.
E: point taken.

Friday, September 14, 2007

What if You Got to Meet Your Idol?

Today is an exciting day in the Tuesday household, we are going to meet Aurora. Don't know who Princess Aurora is? Well then you must not have a little girl who is obsessed with Disney princesses. Aurora is sleeping beauty, you silly little freaks.

Today one of us, (not me, shucks!) will dress up in an elaborate Aurora costume and get to meet her idol. The excitement is palpable.
I promise to post pictures. I have to go curl hair and lay out costumes and shoe choices.

Oh and I need some advice, please help.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Open Letters to God

Dear God,
Why can't I poop? Ever?
Love, Tuesday

Dear God,

Why is Kanye so bitter? He is famous, rich and told people the truth about Bush. He can even sing with his jaw wired shut! Why does he want a silly moon man trophy so bad, doesn't he have it all?
Please cheer him up.
Love, Tuesday

Dear God,
Why does my daughter talk oh so very much? She just never stops talking God. Is this a punishment for that caramel I stole from the pharmacy down the street when I was 7? Because you know, I never ate that caramel God, I was so guilt ridden.
Is it because I lie about my age when I take surveys? I never thought it really mattered to check a box below the age group box I am really in. Everyone lies about their age.
Anywhooooo, Can you make my daughter quiet down a little, like maybe she can only talk 15 hours of the day instead of 19?
Thank you!
Love, Tuesday

My Favorite New Video

Have you seen this?

Now I know who I want to invite over for Thanksgiving dinner.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

But it Gets There in 30 Minutes or Less!

Have you seen the commercial for Dominos' Oreo dessert pizza? Can you explain to me how that is appetising in the least? Who is ordering this and are they wondering why they are fat?

I never order pizza like Dominos or Pizza hut because to me it is not real pizza. I live in NJ where some of the best Italian food in the country is, where pizza places are on every corner and it is amazing, not cardboard with sauce and fake cheese. I can understand why people who do not have such access to great pizza may order a pizza from places like Dominos, but they are just going over the edge with this orea pizza. Hot oreos? Gross.
What is next, twinkie lasagna?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Experiments in Sleep

I am about to go all mommyblogger on you now, so hold on.
I am a good mom, I am fair but strict. One of the things I have always been strict about was our schedule. It is because when I brought these two extra large shrimps home from the hospital, I was alone. E had to go back to work a little early, my mother in law left and my mom had to go back to work.
So, I had to get my babies on a routine that I could do alone. Bed/sleep time is one of those.

I have a confession to make: I have given up on naps.
My kids napped twice a day until they were about 18 months, then they went to one afternoon nap, right after lunch. It was perfect, time for me to get things done, relax, make calls etc. and they were on the edge by that time of day.
Now they are 4.5 and as many of their peers have abandoned naps a long time ago, I believe most children still need them. I napped until I was in 1st grade, and I needed it. I still went to be early as my kids do. If I don't put them in for a nap, they are in bed by 7:30 the latest.
I have just been slightly more busy lately and we are sometimes out when it is nap time, or too late to get them in for one.

I would love for them to still nap, and some days I put them in for one because I am on the verge of mixing pills and liquor. As for now, we are nap free and living on the edge.

The edge of sanity.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Black is the New Black

Since having children you can say I have been in a slump fashion wise. I don't go out in sweatpants or clothes with holes in them but I always go to my "standard" outfit. Jeans/pants/shorts/capris and a black top. My favorite color to buy anything in is black. I consider it my signature color.

You know how it is when you are a new mom, you don't have the time or energy to buy new clothes. When you can go shopping you buy clothes for the baby. You are not working anymore, so you can wear all of your comfy clothes every day. What a revelation!

Believe me, I have some fashion DO NOTS in my closet but I wanted to share with you my "blacks".

These are my black shirts from my closet. There are many more in my drawers but I think you get the picture. If I find a shirt I like in black, I buy two so I have a spare. I admit it, it is easy to pull out my black shirt and pair it with anything and go. I think I need to get out of my rut and get some color in my closet, maybe something in grey............

This post was brought to you by Parent Bloggers Network and the new book, The Little black Book of Style. Do you think Nina Garcia's new book has any advice for a black-a-holic like myself?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Long and Short of It

I am overdue for a touch up of my highlights and a cut and I am debating what to do. I went grey early partly due to my parents both going grey early and my pregnancy which whipped my follicles up in a frenzy and they all started going grey on me. Terrible!
I usually go a little bit lighter then my natural hair color to mask my greys until I have so many I need to dye my hair every stupid month. I am sure I will do the same on this trip. As for my hair cut, I am thinking of cutting my hair short again.
I go from long to short, to long again from the time I was 20. I always had long hair, but shorter hair is so much easier especially in the winter because it takes me 30 minutes to fully blow dry my thick hair. Who has that time? My hair now is to the middle of my back, I like it long and so does my husband but it really becomes a pain sometimes. I wonder when you have to stop having long hair. I mean you never see older women with long hair, it is like some unwritten rule. Is that something you do in your mid forties? Fifty? At what age do you think you have to go appropriately short?
Is this post about my hair as boring as I think it is?

I am sure that it is, but I am not feeling well and sometimes you have to take what you get!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I was at the grocery store with the kids the other day and my daughter spotted a dog in the store. I looked expecting to see someone carrying a purse dog, but instead I saw a big seeing eye dog. This brought up many questions for me.

This woman with the seeing eye dog was alone, there seemed to be nobody with her or following her. She had to only be partially blind because if she was blind, how would she know what to buy? The dog certainly was no help with that.
Why was the dog wearing a jacket with a ton of pockets? What was he carrying with him? The most important question I have, was how did she get there?
I prayed she wasn't driving, I would rather have the specially trained dog drive.

Speaking of dogs, we went to a small zoo yesterday which also is attached to a dog breeder. We have a philosophy in this family, we never pay for dogs, there are too many that need homes, we don't believe in pet stores and even breeders are iffy with us. BUT, I fell in love with this Pomeranian puppy. I have always had medium to large size dogs, I was never a small dog person but this tiny Pomeranian melted my heart. Her face was the size as a quarter! Her paws were so tiny. Her price tag melted my wallet ($1200).
Will I ever find a Pomeranian puppy in a shelter? Probably not, so I will have to get myself a mutt from the shelter when the time is right.
Good thing I love mutts and saving lives.