Thursday, September 06, 2007

Long and Short of It

I am overdue for a touch up of my highlights and a cut and I am debating what to do. I went grey early partly due to my parents both going grey early and my pregnancy which whipped my follicles up in a frenzy and they all started going grey on me. Terrible!
I usually go a little bit lighter then my natural hair color to mask my greys until I have so many I need to dye my hair every stupid month. I am sure I will do the same on this trip. As for my hair cut, I am thinking of cutting my hair short again.
I go from long to short, to long again from the time I was 20. I always had long hair, but shorter hair is so much easier especially in the winter because it takes me 30 minutes to fully blow dry my thick hair. Who has that time? My hair now is to the middle of my back, I like it long and so does my husband but it really becomes a pain sometimes. I wonder when you have to stop having long hair. I mean you never see older women with long hair, it is like some unwritten rule. Is that something you do in your mid forties? Fifty? At what age do you think you have to go appropriately short?
Is this post about my hair as boring as I think it is?

I am sure that it is, but I am not feeling well and sometimes you have to take what you get!


  1. I know the feeling. I do the same thing too. I cut it off in March and I've reached a point now where I can't decide if I should keep trying to grow it out (pain) or cut it again. I hope you never get too old for long hair! I do not look good with really short hair. I just couldn't do it! Good luck at the salon! :) And no, not boring, I promise!

  2. I always wondered that, and silently thought to myself that I would buck the system and have long hair anyway. But then I think of my English teacher in 11th grade. She was in her 60's(?) and her hair was long and she looked like a freak. LOL.

  3. i am like you... always growing/cutting/growing... it's long right now (but not as long as yours) and i think it'll be getting hacked in the near future!


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