Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I was at the grocery store with the kids the other day and my daughter spotted a dog in the store. I looked expecting to see someone carrying a purse dog, but instead I saw a big seeing eye dog. This brought up many questions for me.

This woman with the seeing eye dog was alone, there seemed to be nobody with her or following her. She had to only be partially blind because if she was blind, how would she know what to buy? The dog certainly was no help with that.
Why was the dog wearing a jacket with a ton of pockets? What was he carrying with him? The most important question I have, was how did she get there?
I prayed she wasn't driving, I would rather have the specially trained dog drive.

Speaking of dogs, we went to a small zoo yesterday which also is attached to a dog breeder. We have a philosophy in this family, we never pay for dogs, there are too many that need homes, we don't believe in pet stores and even breeders are iffy with us. BUT, I fell in love with this Pomeranian puppy. I have always had medium to large size dogs, I was never a small dog person but this tiny Pomeranian melted my heart. Her face was the size as a quarter! Her paws were so tiny. Her price tag melted my wallet ($1200).
Will I ever find a Pomeranian puppy in a shelter? Probably not, so I will have to get myself a mutt from the shelter when the time is right.
Good thing I love mutts and saving lives.


  1. lol..interesting question!

    Hopefully she didn't drive or she had someone drop her off. Who knows??

  2. Actually if you call a shelter, you can have them look out for a Pom for you or I bet there might be a Pom rescue in your state. Just some ideas! We don't buy and only adopt too.

    Hopefully that woman was dropped off! That would be scary if she was driving!

  3. Kristi4:08 AM

    Medical transport companies are available and paid for by the city, county or state.

    Seeing eye dogs are often trained to pick up and carry objects for their master, so the vest makes it easier to accomplish. Pockets for cell phones, wallets... that type of thing. If a blind person is carrying a purse it stands to reason that it might be quite easy to walk off with it. People are less inclined to take it off a dog and it would be more noticeable, not to mention the dog would react, if someone tried that.

  4. There are also dogs that can assist with other medical needs. I don't know too much about them, but I think there are dogs that can sense when their owner is about to have a seizure and can aid them in other ways.

  5. Rebecaa, they do have dogs that can sense seizures Isn't that amazing!?

  6. The shelter I worked with was overrun with Poms. It's a myth that you can't find purebred dogs in shelters - that's where breeders dump them if no one buys them.

    To find a rescue in your area::

  7. slack, Thank you, I knew you were awesome and not just for your taste in men : )

  8. Good questions all. I like to bellieve you'll find a little rascal in need of inexpensive saving.

    Mom of many mutts


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