Monday, September 24, 2007


Ive hundred years ago Domestic Chicky deemed me worthy of this award:

So sweet of you Chicky! I will follow tradition and send this to 3 of my many favorite female bloggers.
Twisted Chick is a rocking female. She has great advice and from reading her blog it makes me know I could stop by her house for dinner with no notice and she would welcome me in.

Kristin is honest and is a wonderful mom and wife. I wish she lived next door.

Amanda and I have so much in common it is a shame she lives 3,000 miles away. She would make an awesome drinking buddy and I would never mind a play date with her.

Now go forth and nominate.

I have had my two year old nephew here since Friday, therefore I am even more tired then I thought ever possible. Add a birthday party, some hardcore cleaning, a visit to the local farm and crabby kids this weekend and you can just imagine how fun my life has been.
Oh and my newest pregnancy craving....champagne. Strange, no?


  1. Thanks, Tuesday. You know my door really is open to you anytime. Hope you like take-out though. There's not a lot of cooking going on here these days. ;)

  2. Have fun with your nephew!

  3. Champagne sounds like a nice craving to have to deal with while pregnant. lol Sounds like a fun weekend! I always enjoy adding my sister's kids in with my own madness at home. (being sarcastic) :)

  4. Champagne! How funny!

  5. The house across the way is for sale.. come move in!

    Thanks Tuesday... I love this award and what it represents!

  6. bibi, Take out rocks!

    sabrina, I wish I could have some : (

    Kristin, I wish. You know I would in a second if I could. Jersey girl gone Laguna.


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