Tuesday, September 11, 2007

But it Gets There in 30 Minutes or Less!

Have you seen the commercial for Dominos' Oreo dessert pizza? Can you explain to me how that is appetising in the least? Who is ordering this and are they wondering why they are fat?

I never order pizza like Dominos or Pizza hut because to me it is not real pizza. I live in NJ where some of the best Italian food in the country is, where pizza places are on every corner and it is amazing, not cardboard with sauce and fake cheese. I can understand why people who do not have such access to great pizza may order a pizza from places like Dominos, but they are just going over the edge with this orea pizza. Hot oreos? Gross.
What is next, twinkie lasagna?


  1. My husband is from Brooklyn so, I hear you on the pizza thing. However, being of southern heritage myself, I must set the record straight.

    Hot Oreo's kick all kinds of ass.

    You haven't lived until you've had a deep-fried Oreo. My badonkadonk thanks Nabisco.

  2. Deep fried oreo? Wow, now I have heard everything.

  3. I hate Domino's and Pizza Hut, the stuffed crust, 'let's see how much cheese we can possibly fit in twelve inches of dough' concept is too gross for me.

    Thank God for food in NJ, that's all I can say. I can get excellent Italian food from several places all within fifteen minutes.

  4. It sounds good to me (the desert), but now the commercial just makes me think I'm going to end up with an oreo beard and really? When has that ever been attractive on a woman?

  5. dd, maybe in other countries?

    brooke, tehy can say what they will about NJ but we have such great food don't we?

  6. We (fortunately) have several really good local pizza places around here, but sometimes The Lazy wins and the locals don't deliver. Plus now there's online ordering so I don't even have to talk to live people. I do think the oreo pizza looks good though. Man I love some oreos, and cookies'n'cream ice cream... mmmmm

  7. None of that sounds good. But I'm also sitting here eating cookies so I shouldn't comment ;-)

  8. twinkie lasagna? You better copyright that idea quick. I'd sure you could make millions off of it!

  9. a restaurant near us makes twinkie tiramisu. i'm so ashamed to say that i know firsthand that it fucking rocks!

    but that oreo pizza made me think the commercial was a spoof. sadly, no.


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