Friday, September 28, 2007

Fur Baby

Really, how many injustices can Scout the cat endure?

This isn't the first time he had to be strolled around the house, it is the 8374 time.
That we know of. You would think a good mom would know her baby has exceeded all weight limits for this stroller!


  1. What a patient cat you have! When I was that age I was lucky enough to have a cat that sweet, both of my cats now would be way too neurotic to handle it though.

  2. I used to shove my family cat into my barbie limo. he liked it...i used to catch him napping in there on his own!

  3. Why isn't Scout wearing a tutu? Or at least a bonnet.

  4. Once, when I was five, I put our cat in a suitcase and carried him around for the better part of an hour before my mother realized what I did and let him out.

    This is the same cat my sister would later drop a barbell on...and he lived to be 19.

  5. He is a really good cat. Although given the chance he will run away if he hears them coming for him.
    He deserves it somewhat though because he is never away from E or my side for ONE SECOND!
    Our other cat is scared of kids so they have never done more then pet her a couple of times.

  6. Our cat likes to go for rides in our little stroller too. He chooses it and will just squish himself into it and wait for someone to push him around. Funny.

  7. How cute is your cat it is a real miracle that she is standing still like that.

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