Thursday, September 20, 2007

If I Wanted Seeds I Would Buy a Packet

I got my hair all done up pretty fancy and I feel like a million bucks.
Well maybe half of a million on account of these constipation issues. Don't want to hear about my constipation? Aww shucks.

For those of you who asked, I am 14 weeks and I am due March 19, but we will try and shoot slightly earlier. I am NOT going to talk about this pregnancy/baby every day, I promise. What I cannot promise you though, is that my posts won't have me complaining, asking for baby name help and the general grossness that happens to your bod when you are pregnant.
You can't say I didn't warn you.

For now, lets discuss watermelon. I bought some the other day and there were no seedless watermelon left. I wondered if there is seedless watermelon and watermelon full of seed, who is buying the seeded one? Who picks up the one with seeds over the one without? Why are we even selling seeded watermelons at all?
I have to contact someone because the seeds in my watermelon are ruining the whole experience for me, and to be honest, I find it quite outrageous.
What is getting on your nerves today?


  1. What's getting on my nerves today? Hmmm...two things, first the new guy I was training who dumped his 1/2 cup of coffee in my trash can under my desk. Ewww my cubicle smelled so bad that I had to remove the whole trash bag. Blah!

    Lastly, what's bothering me is I ate too much at lunch & now I need stretch pants! lol

  2. Atlanta traffic is getting on my nerves. Not because I'm in it...but because my wife can't get out of it and we're going to eat soon as she makes it home.

    I'm freakin' starvin'

    Even a watermelon sounds good right now and I hate them!

  3. Good point about the seeded watermelon. Unless you're planning a picnic and want the fun of spitting the seeds or something.

    Anyway, what's getting on my nerves is that it's already after 11pm and I've still got about 10 things left that I'd hoped to get done today. This being a single parent for my wife's 4 day vacation isn't starting out as productive as I'd hoped!

  4. On my nerves: Small towns, no cell reception.

    I love watermelon either way really! Yum!

  5. Work. That's what's getting on my nerves. It's interfering with my blogging.

  6. but, but, someone has to love seeded watermelons or watermelons will only come from the borg!

    buggin me? masshole drivers. always.

  7. Well, I had to catch up...

    Congratulations!! If you want to talk about pregnancy every single day, I say go for it! It's your blog, right!

    Starbucks and there NO FREE Wi-FI is on my nerves. Jerks.

  8. Pretty much everything today, that's why I am holed up in front of the computer.

  9. Kristi3:23 PM

    As far as baby names go, I only have this to say; Craig's exwife just had a baby and they named it Enara. WTF? sounds like something from Star Trek! so as long as you avoid something like that I think you're golden!


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