Monday, September 17, 2007

Life With Kids

My daughter had an amazing time meeting Sleeping Beauty. "this is the best day of my life" I think was her exact quote. She is the tall one with her back to the camera. The next day she got to meet Barbie, and preview the movie Barbie, Island Princess. She really had the greatest weekend a four year old could have. Top that off with TWO carnivals we attended this weekend and both of my kids were officially in heaven. E & I were too, it was a great family weekend.

Speaking of E here is a sample of a typical conversation we have:
Me: would you rather lose your penis or a leg?
E: a leg
Me: would you rather lose your penis or your hearing
E: hmm (pondering)
Me: Why wouldn't you save your leg, you are done with having kids and really you have had sex many times in your life, do you really need to have more? Isn't that greedy? You have been there done that.
E: point taken.


  1. I love family weekends!

    OMG that is a convo my husband & I would totally have. lol

  2. Eva is about to throw herself in front of a train so jealous is she of your girl meeting Aurora!

  3. How fun! Where was the party at??

  4. HG, Aurora was at a Princess Party place a few towns over.

    Kristin, it was the big time!


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