Monday, September 10, 2007

Experiments in Sleep

I am about to go all mommyblogger on you now, so hold on.
I am a good mom, I am fair but strict. One of the things I have always been strict about was our schedule. It is because when I brought these two extra large shrimps home from the hospital, I was alone. E had to go back to work a little early, my mother in law left and my mom had to go back to work.
So, I had to get my babies on a routine that I could do alone. Bed/sleep time is one of those.

I have a confession to make: I have given up on naps.
My kids napped twice a day until they were about 18 months, then they went to one afternoon nap, right after lunch. It was perfect, time for me to get things done, relax, make calls etc. and they were on the edge by that time of day.
Now they are 4.5 and as many of their peers have abandoned naps a long time ago, I believe most children still need them. I napped until I was in 1st grade, and I needed it. I still went to be early as my kids do. If I don't put them in for a nap, they are in bed by 7:30 the latest.
I have just been slightly more busy lately and we are sometimes out when it is nap time, or too late to get them in for one.

I would love for them to still nap, and some days I put them in for one because I am on the verge of mixing pills and liquor. As for now, we are nap free and living on the edge.

The edge of sanity.


  1. I feel for you. Our youngest (now 4 1/2) gave up on naps at about 20 months. We tried anything to get her to keep napping, but it was no use. Most days even now I feel like she's crabby because she needs more sleep, but it just isn't happening.

  2. X is an on-the-clock sleeper: up at 7:00 a.m. sharp and bedtime is at 9:00. No naps and hasn't napped routinely since he left the private day care.

    If you can, make them take 45 min of quiet time in their room (if they have seperate rooms).

  3. I stopped napping for good when I was six months old. My poor mom. Of course, now I would kill for a nap.

  4. I am a firm believer in naps...for myself. Screw the kids...they know if they're tired...go to bed!! ;)zfuyr

  5. My kids napped until they were 4 or 5. But as they grew out of it, it was kinda better becuase it meant they were exhausted by the end of the day and that meant no hassles at bedtime.


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