Monday, May 10, 2010

Points Of Interest

Are my kids the only ones that are fascinated with the Empire Carpet commercial? The twins would always stop what they were doing to watch when they heard that jingle and know K loves it as well.

I never thought I would ever want plastic surgery but these dark circles under my eyes make me look tired all the time. If I could get rid of them quickly I would! My boss is even considering having a botox party and for a split second I wanted to go.

I am SICK of my bras. SICK. They all stink. I know I am an adult because I am fantisising about spending hours in the Macy's bra department trying out every bra and finding the perfect one.
Now, only if Macy's served drinks in the dressing rooms.

Why do my kids have more/better clothes than I do??

When dd I get my mom's thighs?

What is with this silly bands obsession? Really, wearing shaped rubber bands on your wrist? I am buying them why?? Yet, I get all into it and look for the newest ones for my kids.

What is going on with you these days?


  1. Don't even get me started on bras. When I'm done with the having babies, and we actually have money, I'm so going to buy the expensive bras, and get professionally fit. But for now, I'll just live with too big or too small. When nursing, there seems to be no right fit. They're constantly changing size.

    Your kids have more/better clothes than you because you're a mom. It's too easy to forget that we need clothes, too. I finally made a trip to Kohl's for MYSELF, not for my husband, not for my kids. My husband graduates this Sunday and I'm going to look HOT for the pictures!!!!

  2. I have dreams of one day having tons of money at my disposal so I can walk into a fantastic lingerie store and be fitted attentively for the most fantastic, priciest bra that makes my stuff look AWESOME! I'm talking crowds part and marvel at the amazingness of them when I step out into public, and that if I one day win any kind of award, I get up to the podium and thank my bra first and God second. THAT kind of fantastic bra!

    Until them, I just hate the ones I have!


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