Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Finally! All of the craziness and rush of the holidays are now over and I can breathe. The kids got everything they could have wanted, they had fun with their family and friends and so did we.
I ate (way too much!) and had lots of yummy new drinks and recipes I tried. Of course this time of year is always melancholy for me as I miss my Dad so much still.
Christmas Eve is my favorite day of the year and my dad was always a huge part of that. Since he has been gone, it is just not the same. Sometimes I think I haven't even finish grieving and that pain is still so real. I need to help myself with that.

At least this year of new house, new friends, new town, new job, new school is over and we can look to the new year to get back into a groove and get back what we lost.
We can only go forward, right?!

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