Monday, February 14, 2011

The Sun

Do I need a holiday to remind the people I love of my love for them? Of course not. It is nice to be valued every day of the year, but that is not a reality.
We get caught up in daily grind, taking out the garbage and who left the milk out. We have work and school work and returning phone calls to worry about instead.

Everyone has faults and yours can shrink while others intensify during the monotony of days together. Nobody writes that in a wedding card.

Times get tough and you will think of bailing. Why not? 50% of couples bail when the easy, wistfully love turns into work. Who wants to put effort into something that was so effortless? Is the outcome going to be worth the time and energy?

The "whys" take over your head, they come all the time even when you push them deep down. Maybe you just want to be the one who bails first. You always want the upper hand- even in demise.
Honestly not sticking it out is so much easier, and why for once, shouldn't your life be easy?

Truth is if you stick it out, it will be worth it. Maybe your roses won't bloom and nobody will write a book about you, you will not be famous for it.

What you will have is far greater- you will have your own respect. Your self worth will triple, your children will have an example set for them. You will teach generations that things get hard, people don't eat, promises will be broken, nights spent awake begging for a new future while trying to forget the past, lies told and tears spilled. BUT that the sun still rises.
After all of that you can look to your side and your partner has been there all along. They planted that garden with you, they have seen the storms and turmoils, even the ones you missed- all the while they were there. Holding your hand and praying for the sun.

Finally- there will be sun.


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