Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Potty

You would think with all the parenting tricks up my sleeve by having 8 year old twins, I would rock the potty training thing with my 2 year old.

I stink at it.

I tend to think it is the fact that I am not home with him all day like I was with the twins now that I work during the week. I had a hard time with thee twins too and I feel like it was my hardest parenting task to date.
I tried the bribes, the new Thomas and Hulk underwear, the prmosie of school when he gets rid of his diapers but all he says is "ewww" when we tell him to go on the potty instead of his diaper.

He is disgusted by the whole process and I have to admit, I am too.

My plan was to have him trained by his 3rd birthday but that is 5 weeks away and I am getting no where fast.

So tell me, what are your secrets for getting them out of the diapers and into a potty seat?

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  1. UGH. Aidan just turned 3 and we haven't potty-trained him yet. I think you're right--not being home makes it all that much more difficult. But I'm going part time in 2 weeks and will try to do it then. We've been talking it up big time and he's mildly interested at best.

    With my nephew, there was a lot (LOT) of upheaval when my sis was trying to potty train him. His dad walked out on them just as they were starting, and when my nephew would stay with him he just put him in pull-ups the whole time. I think it took a good, oh, 8 months until he was fully potty trained. He was 4 and 2 months by that point.

    Good luck! Wish me luck, too!!!

  2. Ah, I fully understand how we become desperate with trying and hoping our kids would be able to help himself find the potty. I got three kids and training them really require a great deal of patience. Always remind them that is more "..eewww" to pot on the diaper. Mind conditioning is very effective. You should monitor what time of day they will have to go to the potty so that during that time, you've got to ask them if they feel like doing it in the potty seat. And of course, you've got to give them a reward or words of appreciation if they do it in the right place. :)

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