Monday, June 22, 2009

How We Got Here Part 2

You can read part one here.

So we had no choice- we had to move. Despite my bad attitude because I did not want to leave my family, my state, we moved.
Well, E moved in September living with his cousins until we found a place to rent and sold our house.
He traveled the 6+ hours each way to come home on weekends. The twins, the baby and I were left to fend for ourselves and keep the cats alive all while trying to keep the house clean for house showings.
It was not easy. In fact it was the hardest thing I have ever done. Easier than carrying 15+ pounds of babies in my body for 9 months.

On February 1st we all moved to NH. It was cold and there was more snow piled up on the lawn that I have ever seen. It was going to be a long year.

I am not like my husband, I do not adapt easy.
I like my "stuff" and I like knowing where I am going and I like visiting my friends or family when I want to.
I spend too much time rolling around the bed moaning about how much I miss Wegman's or my hairdresser. Like I told E a hundred times: I do not do rural.
But rural I am.

Things were good, we were unpacking, the kids were getting settled in their new house and school. E was busy at work.
Then they had less appointments.
Next their clients had hard times refinancing their homes, getting loans, things that E and his cousin make their money off of.
The commission checks slowed.

Now the financial crisis has hit home once again, only now we are stranded in a new town, in a new state with a lot less jobs then our old town, in our old state.

We have nothing to lose, because we lost it all already. We gambled and came up short again.
Now, what are we going to do?

To be continued.............


  1. As I've kept up with your posts for the last two years or so, I just have to tell ARE a tower of strength.
    I've been where you are and am looking at my husband's diminishing commission checks dwindle and dwindle and wonder if the economy will turn around soon enough before we're back to where we were five years ago. All the while my husband is looking for a new job and I'm thinking of ways to make $$$ out of nothing with mounting medical bills arriving daily. But enough of that crap.

    You are an inspiration. I wasn't pregnant and my two girls were much older and certainly easier to care for...teenage crap not included.

    Good luck with your transition. Even though you haven't asked for advice, my husband and I have moved (major moves) over 7 times, including one international move. It's takes time...and loads of it to adjust to a new place. I'm not good with change either...I've become an expert packer though in the mean time.
    It always took me a minimum of a year to acclimate to a new area, couldn't do it in any less than a year. We've been in the Northwest for almost 4 years (from California) and I'm hitting my stride now.
    Good luck honey.

  2. I am not brave, I am scared.
    I hope one or both of us find real jobs soon or we are in a LOT of trouble!

  3. Just stay strong. Something will work out. I remember reading how difficult it was for you to move, but you made friends, and were starting to enjoy yourself.

    You will get past this. There will be difficult time, but staying strong as a family will get you through.


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