Thursday, June 25, 2009

Things I Hated About Yesterday

Things I hated about yesterday in chronological order:

-Waking up

-Waking up to a crabby kid who cries and stomps his feet for me to hold him when I was just trying to put on my bra.
I have to put my bra on right away because I hate the feeling of gravity on my boobs. (or the effects of gravity on my boobs. Whatever.)

-L hit his head on the side of the pool during swim lessons and when I got over to him, his mouth was filled with blood. I finally found the source- a small but deep cut next to the corner of his mouth. Off to the urgent care center we went.

-Duh, I have no idea where the urgent care center is.

-My phone was dead when I went to call E. Had to borrow one from a stranger.

-My poor baby needed a stitch in his face and he was so scared. He was a trooper but nothing is worse than when your baby is scared and you just want to hold him, but instead a team of doctors and nurses have to hold him down because he is screaming.

-After all the drama and we fed ourselves, washed the kids and put them to bed, I noticed I had been wearing my shirt inside out- ALL DAY.
Of course this was the one day that I actually left the house and had been to the town pool, urgent care and grocery store.
All with my collared shirt inside out and it was tagless so everyone and their mothers could see my size.
Yes, of course I wore my hair up all day.

-After enduring weeks of bad reality TV, namely I'm a Celebrity Get me Out of Here, I forgot the finale was on last night because I was so disturbed by my inside-out shirt and missed it. All of that bad TV for nothing.

So yeah, Wednesday can suck it.


  1. Maybe all those other moms just thought you were a cool New Yorker/New Jersian (is that a word?) and that inside out shirts are the cool trend in the big city!

  2. Oh that did suck. I thought you were gonna say some trivial things, but no... you are right, that sucked. Once I wore 2 different shoes to the store & had a swollen eyeball(seriously the eyeball was swollen & beet red) AND I forgot my wallet in my car while at the check out. I only tell you this not to compete, I can't, but just to let you know we all have done the "wear the shirt inside out" thing.

  3. ((Hugs))

    Hopefully you filled your quota of, "really bad shitty days" for the next decade.

  4. Ugh, I have days like these..more so than not. It's days like these that makes beer that much better!! :)

  5. I hate shitty days because I never can turn them around. Ugh.

    Suckit is right.

  6. Oh, wow, that was a doozie! Hugs to you! Um, it can only go up from here?


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