Thursday, February 04, 2010

It's Only Half Past The Point Of No Return

This post is not written because I don't want what I have. I love what I have. Sometimes, though, you just remember and smile.

I want to start getting ready to go out a 10pm. I want to listen to the music in my car as loud as I want and not care who is watching me sing and dance.
I wish for the days where I never had to be anywhere at any time and hanging out doing nothing was on the days agenda. Every day.
I want to have a crush. I want to eat a cheeseburger deluxe with fries and gravy on the side at 2am at our diner. I want to eat that after a night filled with too much alcohol and too many cigarettes.
I wish for those nights that were so great you wished they would never end.
I long for those days when everything about each other was new, the passion was endless and being without each other for an hour was unbearable.

I want to eat pizza every night. I want to be as skinny as I was in high school. I want to go to parties every weekend with friends I have had since I was 4. I want my phone to ring at 3am with someone who just wants to talk to me.
I want to have a sleepover. I want a secret admirer.
I want to run until I thought my sides were going to split. I want to dream what my husband is going to look like and where we are going to live. I want to get a note passed to me in class. I want to wear a too-short dress and not care, because I can.

I want to swing on a swing under a full moon and go higher than I have ever gone before.


  1. You just described my entire first year of college. I'd kill for one day of that freedom back. But I'd only want one day. My life and my hair are much better now.

  2. I love this. LOVE it! How fun.

  3. Me too. I think you just inspired me to make a list of what I want/miss. But, I'm with steenky bee on the hair...mine is much better now.

  4. I've been feeling this same way!

  5. Ahhhh, memories. I do love remembering how things used to be, even though I love my life now.

  6. Well the hair product just didn't exist back then that could save me from the frizz. But other than than I agree...memory is such a funny thing. I miss longing for things unknown and future. Yeah...this is a good post.


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