Monday, June 07, 2010

My Big Wet Surprise

Last Saturday I decidded to go to a mall in my hometown. I say a mall because there are no less than 3 malls in my town. I went with my three kids in tow for a fun day of shopping and bonding. The baby decided he needed "more milk, momma" so off to Whole Foods which is attached to the mall, we went.

I bought him some milk, in addition to a couple of other things and we got on the check out line. Right then all the kids started to asking for things, talking and then it hit- a huge sneeze.
This was a big one and since it creeped up on me, I was unprepared. As soon as I sneezed I felt a wet drip down my leg.

Yes, I indeed wet my pants. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry.

It wasn't that much, a spot on my pants, but it was enought and it felt like everyone in the store knew what had just happened. "Is this really happening" I asked myself. Yes, It was.
I just peed my pants in a big girl store. The moral of the story is that I need to do more kegels.
Also? I will remember this event ad when the kids are old enough I will have to remind them of just what they did to my body.


  1. I sneezed in public yesterday and had to cross my legs first. I hope no one noticed.

  2. I have raced to a bathroom in order to sneeze while while at work before. My bladder and I totally understand!

  3. Well, i just say that i like to read your blog again and again, thanx for the post.


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