Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So, Colorado.
I won this Epic Summer Vacation trip from Mom Central and it was terrific. E couldn't go because of his new job and K couldn't go because 1 year olds usually don't like being awake for 12 hours with no nap in sight.
I took the twins and asked my mom if she would like to go with us and off we went.
I did things I have never done before like hike up a mountain with an elevation of 12,500 (we didn't hike the whole mountain), rafting, rode a gondola and experienced all of this and more with my kids. They had an amazing time and I know it will be something they will remember forever.

On our rafting trip we stopped and all got out on the edge of the banks. Overhead there was a cliff that you can dive off of and a smaller 6 foot cliff for the kids. Someone asked who was going up to dive off and mentioned this once-in-a-lifetime event. I don't know what I was thinking as I climbed up the steep, dangerous cliff. I know more than one time I thought about backing out and if the cliff wasn't so steep and loose I would have.
Someone jumped off, then another person and then it was my turn. I carefully walked out onto the ledge and the guide started a count down. I was scared to death and even as I type this now, my heart is racing and my palms are sweating. How could I make myself step off of this rock and free fall?

I couldn't hear anything.
I wondered should I step off or leap. Everything was quiet as I just stepped out. The 25 foot fall was so quick but slow all at the same time. When I landed into the water all I saw was bubbles above my head. It was dark.
I popped up above water with my ahnds in the air feeling victorious.
My hands and legs were shaking for an hour after that from the adrenaline.
I couldn't believe what I had just done. My kids were cheering for me and then they each took their turn jumping off the 6 foot rock as I cheered for them.
I have never been more proud of my kids.
We took risks, met new people, had fun, laughed and enjoyed everything about this vacation.
We missed the boys back at home but had plenty of stories and pictures to share.

Now we go back to our lives already in progress.


  1. Hi Erin, I had so much fun at the trip and meeting you, your mom, and your twins was a great bonus! :)

    I've posted a few of our photos from our trip as well on Hip Mama's Place today.

    I'm still trying to finish up unpacking from the trip today. Can you believe that?

  2. FUN! I am pretty sure I would not have been able to jump the 25 ft.

  3. I once got all the way to the front of the line at Magic Mountain, but the entire hour-plus I spent inching my way up there, I was shaking and felt sick. When I finally got to the front, I had to turn around and wind my way back through the crowd of people. I'm almost positive I'd feel the same away about jumping 25 feet off a cliff into water. However, I can imagine how exciting it must have been when you hit the water and emerged. Hope you hold onto that sense of 'I can do this!' when it comes to anything else in your life when you're feeling the need to steel yourself for the step off!


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