Friday, October 23, 2009

Ghostly Encounters

Well, I think it goes without saying that I need some cheering up.
I have always liked Halloween but now that I am a parent it has renewed my love for this holiday and everything scary.
I have always loved scary movies and books and I am obsessed with ghost stories.

I have no real experience with ghosts although one time we were staying at a rental property at the beach for a few days with our kids. When we pulled up to the old house my then 4 year old son asked me whose house this was.
I told him it was the house we were going to be staying in.
Then he asked who the girl in the window was, and when I looked nobody was there.

Tell me your ghost encounters or stories and amuse me.
Please? Don't make me beg!
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  1. I totally believe in ghosts! I believe I have them in my house. I have had many experiences and so have some people that visit. My sister and cousin will now only sleep on the couch with me there or in our RV.I have a place in my room that is totally freaky so I did an experiment.I never said a ting to some people and told them to find a spot of wierdness in my house,every single person goes to that spot in my room.I tape recorded my room once,no one was home ,and my door shut.I played back the tape and heard my dogs toy going off and whistling in my room. The ghost kept my cousin up all night and scared her on a few occassions.I never said a thing to her and she knows nothing of my ghosts.SHe told me all about it and needless to say I had to sleep with her on the couch. so there you go,my ghost.

  2. I was staying in the guest room of a boyfriend's parents' house, and in the middle of the night, a little boy about 8 or 9 kept opening and shutting the bedroom door. Thing is, there weren't any little kids in that house, just me, my boyfriend, and his parents.

    I told them about it the next morning, and he tells me HE's the ONLY blond little boy to have lived in that house. Uh, honey, your house is over 100 years old; now YOU'RE being ridiculous.

    And when my best friend's little brother died, he visited us a couple of times. I never saw him, (THANKFULLY, that would have creeped me out too much) but he was a prankster in life, and it didn't change in death. His sister and I would be listening to a cd in our room, and it would shut off randomly, or change cds (it was a 3 disc changer), or switch to radio. That went on for a few months, then stopped. My parents still have that stereo, it plays just fine.

  3. I love these, keep them coming!

  4. Before moving up to the Northwest, we lived in a little rental house on the California coast. It's an old town with a lot of 'heritage' houses, which are victorians that were built between 1889 and 1907. We lived in our little house for three years and you could always here two little children chattering in the hallway. It was interesting because it wasn't scary, you just got used to children giggling and whispering in the hallway.

    Our first summer after moving to the northwest we went back and rented a house for the summer. Now that was completely different. My husband and girls instantly felt a very creepy presence in the converted attic where the kids rooms were..and my oldest absolutely refused to sleep upstairs. She said it was a male presence that sat at the desk in the room.

    Lastly, an old roommate and I bought an old (1910-1920's) sofa at a sidewalk sale for $25 in San Francisco for our new apt on Hyde and Bush St. Whenever you sat on the sofa (anyone really) you felt a grandmotherly presence...calm, sweet, sometimes it felt like someone was brushing your hair. I kept that sofa for years.


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