Friday, October 30, 2009

Things, Observed

Things I can't stop buying even though I don't need any more:
-cute hair clips/bows/ribbons for my daughter
-a good baby blanket
-beach towels
-throw blankets

Things I have too much of but also can't get rid of:
-clothes my daughter has outgrown
-grey hair
-endless fear
-single socks just hoping that the match will magically show up.

Things I notice about NH:
-so this is where all the lesbians have been (loves it!)
-EVERYONE looks like they shop at LL Bean
-the edgy people shop at Lands' End
-they hate makeup here
-people like to stare
-enough with the personalized license plates already!
-nobody beeps their horn. Ever. Good when you cut someone off, not so good when you are trying to get the point across that you in fact do not change lanes while looking for lost coins on the floor of your car. Fuck it, I still beep.
-these things they call bagels? They are the distant cousin of a roll. Not even close people.

Things that I just cannot do no matter how hard I try:
-meditate. I mean how do you turn off your brain?
-poop on vacation or out of my area of comfort (anywhere but home. shhh)
-sit on a public toilet seat
-a back bend, past the age of 20. It would make a great sex trick.
-pick up the phone without checking the caller ID
-knit anything other than a rudimentary scarf, dishcloth or hot plate.


  1. Wait, wait, wait... I am not a lesbain. I wouldn't be caught dead shopping at LL Bean or Lands End. I don't leave my house without make-up. I don't have a persoanlized plate. Ok, I never honk my horn, it just seems rude.

  2. Michele, no disrespect! I love teh leabisna and no honking here. I could do without the LL bean look though.

  3. I always keep the single socks too.

  4. I have been trying to teach my boys not to answer the phone without first checking caller ID, but since most phone calls anymore are from their friends, they pounce on the damn thing before the first ring is even complete. Drives me crazy. If I could meditate (I've tried. Gave up within 10 minutes and never went back!), I'd maybe not get so freaked about it!

  5. When I lived in Maine, I TOTALLY noticed the personalized plates, and thought it was crazy! Is it totally cheap? because in CO it's pretty fricking expensive, so it's rare to see them.

    I'd honk, too.

    And as for your earlier post, I don't know why you're being tested so damn hard right now, but you guys WILL get through it. Just stick together.

  6. Do you mind if I use this topic for my blog? It's a good one!

  7. Carmen, sure, take it away!

  8. In NC it's like $40/yr extra for personalized plates so you hardly ever see them. & I always keep the "other" sock :)

  9. Managing a crap on vacation - now that's a feat worth mentioning! I also dread public toilet seats, I usually "hover" if I don't think I can make it home.

  10. I'm a new follower - and clearly your long lost sister because I too, would have most of these items on my lists! Loved it! I may have to "borrow" - with your permission of course.

    And I love your site - both the content and the very pretty design. I'll be back. Daily.


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