Monday, December 07, 2009

How Lame Can I Be?

There must be something in the air today. I woke up in a great mood, crashed into a terrible mood in 3 seconds and now I am stable, but still a little crazy.
So crazy in fact that I am here to tell you some embarrassing, never before revealed fact about me.

Fact #1 I was SO very lame today that I blanked out on just how to load the thread onto my sewing machine. I had to take out the book and then watch the DVD. I will repeat that as to get the full amount of lame-ness: I had to watch a sewing DVD.
Haven't they made sewing machines yet that you can just throw the thread into it and go? I am doing the same thing I did 20 years ago in sewing class. L A M E.

Fact #2 Sometimes when I am bored I watch the videos on here. I find it gross AND fascinating all at once.

Fact #3 This website cracks me up, I just love it.

Fact #4 I hate taking showers. Don't worry I still take them, but I hate it. I feel so good afterwards, but it is the whole process of shaving everything, washing my hair and conditioning. It takes forever. Not to mention my hair is so thick it takes about 30 minutes to dry completely, much longer if I want it to look like anything but a straw sombrero.

Fact #5 I keep my house so cold that I am freezing with damp hair for hours after my shower. New England + oil heat + poverty does not make a warm happy Tuesday Girl.

Fact #6 Me likes cold spaghetti for brunch.

Fact #7 I feel so satisfied when I clean my kid's ears and I get a dirty Q-tip. I even clean my nephews ears if I think they are dirty.
It is a small but worthwhile victory.

Fact #8 I am practically hairless. After waxing my legs for a year, the hair growth almost completely stopped. Hair only grows below my knee and only in one batch of leg. Strange but a pleasant surprise. Anything to get me out of the shower faster.

Fact #9 E and I both like to vacuum. We fight over who gets to do a particular dirty spot sometimes.

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  1. I saw the title of the first link and closed it immediately, don't think I could handle that, but the texts from last night link is HILARIOUS.

    I just might get addicted to that!


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