Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dazed And Confused

This week has been a crazy mess and it is only Thursday. To give you a peek inside my life, I will tell the tales that have me either pissed, confused or bewildered:

-The realtor who is selling this house put a lock box on the door without telling or asking me. I called her told her to taker it off, I don't feel comfortable with it on the door when I am home alone with 3 kids. She said she would. 10 days ago she said she will be over in an hour to take it off.
It is still there.

-I have a rash under one of my boobs. WTH? I have no idea where it came from or why, it resembles a heat rash but it is anything but hot here. Even under my lady lumps. A boob rash and under wire do not go well together.
It hurts. I am alternating powdering my under boob and staring in disbelief at my self in the mirror.

-Really? A John Edwards sex tape? Haven't you put your wife through enough? The lies and the lies about lies, where does it end. I kind of liked John Edwards as a person many years ago when I first heard about him and his family's story. Now I have no respect for him and I can't imagine his family does either. How disgusting.
Nobody wants to see that sex tape anyway. It is probably all about your hair.

-Angelina and Brad? Nope, don't care either.

-Since my kids were turning 7, we decided this Christmas they can get a video game system. Instead they each got a Nintendo Ds and Wii! Secretly after the kids go to be E and I play super Mario Bros. on the Wii into the night.
Under the cover of darkness we play and play and save our progress to continue the next night. We are addicted and since E is away I miss playing with him.


  1. You kind of stepped over into the crazy realm on this post which makes me relate to (and love) your blog even more!

    The rash? Ouch.

    John Edwards? Loved that they used to call him the Breck girl. Yep, he will likely be brushing his hair in the tape. Eww.

    Love the games!

  2. Love that you two sneak the kids games together; too cute!

    B & A are both just stupid.

    And your realtor needs to be smacked :)

  3. under boob-age is prone to yeast infections because it gets moist under there. You might try some over the counter yeast cream. (TMI, Ive been there too)

    What is a lock box?

  4. Yeast? Oh sweet lord!

    A lock box is a box on your door that if you have the combo the key to the door is in it!

  5. ohhhhhhh no lock box!! that would creep me out! Do you have the combo? If so, I would take the key out.

  6. Looks like it's time to get a new realtor. Seriously, creepy. And, John Edwards is just a jerk. Period.

  7. Hahaha let's hear it for late night Wii!


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