Monday, January 11, 2010

Back, Again

When it comes to improvement everyone will tell you to always go forward, never backward. So how come I sit here in the exact same position I was January 2009?
I am here in NH while my husband is away working and trying to find us a place to live.
It is like a terrible groundhog day movie.

It feel like we haven't moved forward at all, but backward in life. Of course I feel lonely here in NH without him, but I really feel bad for my kids. It takes a toll on them with him away so often. Especially baby K whose favorite person in the world is Daddy.
Really, he could care less about me, he wants to be by Daddy every minute of the day, he is who he asks for the minute he wakes up and the person he wants to put him to bed. Daddy hung the Moon and the rest of us are just props in the sky.

This is the time when I get stressed out with regular life trying to be everything to everyone in this house without anyone to complain to at night.
I have been here before, last year I stayed with the kids for 6 months while E was away.
It is hard to stay positive when I know exactly what is coming my way, but hey, at least this time I know what I am up against.


  1. I TOTALLY know what you're talking about with baby K! When Chaelomen is gone for one night, doing his volunteer stuff, it's HELL on Jack-Jack. He doesn't sleep well, wakes up ridiculously early, and it's MISERABLE.

    I can't imagine what 6 months would be like, I'd probably pull all my hair out!

    Just remember, the end result is you'll be closer to family, back in your home state, and on a better path than what you were just on!

  2. I can't imagine being in the same spot that long. Good luck. I came over on Follow Friday. Following you now. I hope your day gets better

  3. Hi, there! I'm a new follower from the blog hop.

    And, I have been in your situation with moves before. 7 months was my last stint as a single mother of 3 with 2 in diapers and one on the bottle. All while keeping one child in school, football, Religious Education......and selling our house. Exhausting!!!!!!

    So, I can relate to you. Glad I found you!

    -Casey from


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