Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Don't Vampires Have Access To Tanning Creams?

I have to know: who thinks this guy is hot?
Is it just me or does he look like a cross between Dylan McKay circa early 90210 years and siamese cat?
I got drawn into the Twilight hype via twitter and read all the books as fast as I could. Then I made E take me to see the movie and I was disappointed in how ugly I thought all the characters were. When the book describes in painstaking detail just how beautiful each character is and you cast ordinary pretty people who happen to be super-dee-douper pale, then I get disappointed.
Call me crazy.

Plus, is the skinny tie back? It shouldn't be.

Also, I was just thanking the sweet baby Jesus last week we are finally rid of Dannielynn pictures/"news" stories and the contact Larry Birkhead had with ET. Now they are back with new birthday photos.
I filed this under "who cares?".


  1. I couldn't agree with you more! It's like when you're reading the books you conjure up an image of beautiful people, and the cast doesn't even come close. The new show coming on in the fall (vampire diaries) does a much better job with the cast.

  2. Gah! Computer ate my comment!

    I don't regularly tune into ET, just because I can't often wrestle control of the TV. However, when I do, it seems like it is always and forever Dannielynn's birthday. She's what? Three? I think I've seen 18 birthday pieces on her! Packaged between the 298 pieces they do about NCIS on each episode!

    As for Robert P. being sexy? No. My answer is no, and not just as a non-fan of any and all Twilight things. He just looks smelly.

  3. See, this is where authors have the advantage over movie producers, you say "perfectly beautiful" and people picture whatever they most like! As much as I dream of my book being turned into a movie, it does scare me to think of trying to cast the vampires in it. LOL

    --Diana Laurence, author of "How to Catch and Keep a Vampire" (

  4. LOL- see.. i totally think that rob p looks like a rat. like kenny chesney. it's the beady little eyes.

    but his mouth. i fucking love the shit outta his fucked up teeth and mouth.

    and it's the CHARACTER.. it's the character ion the book and the character he's playing that makes him seem more sexy. totally not him, but EDWARD!!! oooh edward!!!


  5. I personally don't think he's all that hot. None of them are. And they're HORRIBLE actors.

    But I'm going to see New Moon (though no amount of promises to do kinky things to my husband will get him to sit through it) anyway. Because you can't help but watch a train wreck. :)

  6. You are funny!! I agree. The characters were way too ordinary... nothing like the book! I don't think he is good looking at all... but I'm parcial to my hubby.

  7. That is why I learned the hard way when I was all of 8 years old, that books are better than the movies.

    Still, lets get some peeps cast that are exceptionally beautiful. Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayhart, me, etc.....

  8. Diana, I don't usually like vampire books, but I think I will have to check yours out- good for you!

  9. "Looks like a rat"?

    That may be taking it a little far.

    My take is most of the new actors these days are babies, infants. I mean I know I turn forty-one this year but I don't find children sexy.

    Now give me Gerard Butler, and I wouldn't be complaining. :)

  10. I do think he's hot, BUT I think Eric the vampire in True Blood is WAY hotter. I'm talking about dreaming I was a vampire just so I could have my way with him hot lol

  11. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Rob is not cute.
    And I actually feel sorry for Dannielynn. I hope that both Larry and Howard stop exploiting her as if it were their job.


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