Monday, March 15, 2010


When we were thinking about having another baby someone should have reminded me of the terrible twos. And threes because threes was no trip to the zoo either.
Someone should have reminded me of how baby loves to ignore "no", loves to touch everything he shouldn't and can basically be a jerk at least 24-59% of every day.

Baby K is into everything. I tricked myself into believing that this small, tiny house would be better for a baby. I will know where he is all the time, no surprises, I told myself.
What a crock.
In reality I know what he is doing all the time and what he is doing is taking out all of my tupperware and throwing my license from my wallet onto the floor (which should be done because what is with that picture? C'mon that DMV lighting is terrible but still WTF? ).

As all moms know you forget the pain and bad times of having a child because if we didn't we would have a society of one children families.
Remember how much that baby hurt coming out of your vagina, dear? The ring of fire? Cutting your entire bod in half to extract that baby? 2 am feedings? POTTY TRAINING??

Of course, we get over the bad times and the sweet child is so worth leaving the house with spit up/peanut butter/pee or baby powder on your clothing for 3-4 years.
My curly haired little one is funny and sweet and a terror sometimes but I wouldn't trade him for the world.
Although I would consider hiring someone to potty train him.

Now where the heck is my toaster oven??

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