Monday, March 29, 2010

The Truth

Thank goodness I don't have to go to the doctor's office too often. Truth be told, I don't even have a doctor here in NJ yet. I will pick one soon enough and off I will go for my physical, I want to know how I am doing and just what my blood tests come back saying.
Not that I really want to know, I do not- but as I am rapidly approaching another 30-something birthday I am reminded that I need to take better care of myself for my kids. No matter what I am doing or not doing, I can do more.

As I am relatively healthy and have weaned myself off of all my asthma meds and only take an over the counter allergy pill every day, I don't have much to report to my new doctor. That is unless I want to be honest.

Honestly my medical complaint is that I can sometimes pee when I cough, or sneeze too hard.
I know, I know I had BIG ole babies who did the Irish jig on my bladder every day for 39 and 40 weeks respectively. I know this happens to many women.
I know, so that is why I did my kegels.

I do them during boring church sermons, I do them during work to pass the time, I do them during sex to see if it feels any different. I do them.

Still every time I have a bad cold with cough and a runny nose? Well I just put on a pantyliner and call it a day. I am a hot mess.

Do I tell the doctor about my "condition" or do I buy some adult diapers while pretending to buy them for a sick Aunt and chalk it up to being a woman?


  1. Confession - that question is on my doctor list, too. Seriously, I am THRILLED I've gotten through the winter without a cold purely not to have to deal with the muscle tone issues. I need to start using this technique through those boring sermons!

  2. I would say just chalk it up to being a woman.

    I just came across your blog, and saw that you moved to NJ from NC, from a fellow homegrown Jersey girl...welcome!!

  3. Check out this month's issue of Yoga Journal. It's got an article that discusses that, and it focuses on the whole pelvic floor, not just whatever muscle it is that Kegels targets.

    If you don't feel like buying the issue, I can email it to you.


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