Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

We are finally moved in to our new home. These are the things that have happened in the past week of interest perhaps only to me, in no particular order other than to give you a glimpse in my silly, strange life:

-went to NH with my mother, baby and brother in law to pack up our big old house into two trucks and came back to NJ to unpack in 2.5 days

-got into a fight with some old dudes

-had a nice talk with a police officer who now lives in Bow NH (our old town) who grew up and lived in E's town, lived on his street and went to his high school in NJ

-I got a job an started today

-took a picture in a photo booth with the above mentioned peeps in a random rest stop in Connecticut

-fit a 4,300 sq foot house's belongings into a 1,200 sq foot house we are currently residing in and by fit I mean the entire basement and garage is filled with boxes and crap

-cannot find important things such as our phone and toaster oven and did people even make toast before toasters? I am debating using my oven as a make shift toaster for my breakfast. We are in code red since Shoprite had Thomas' toasting bread on sale.

-after the above mentioned old people cursed at me I saw an old man shit his pants as my husband, mother and brother in law got right into his face and threatened to lay him out

-drank waaaaaay to much beer

-went into a mission out of a movie to get my cat out of the house complete with rudimentary traps, a hockey stick, gloves, towels and one bakery box

-pissed off my mom on our 5 hour car ride by singing Celine Dion and speaking in a French accent

-finally slept in a bed after 5 weeks of sleeping on blow up mattresses, couches and floors

I am glad to be back, my friends.


  1. Congrats on getting "settled". Enjoy your new job!

  2. glad you're back!!


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