Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I Need a Drink

My kids are not napping again and it is driving me wild. They were getting into good habits but since E has been home, everything is crap again. They now wake up at least 2x a night crying about the light not being on, or that they want to play or just nonsense because they are just talking in their sleep. They are no well rested in the morning, and are fighting, crabby, crying so I put them to bed instead of waiting until after lunch. They just won't take a nap unless I stay in there with them, but they have to learn to fall asleep on their own.
Does anyone want almost three year old twins?

On a good note, Baby B is just about potty trained. She just did it herself, because I always forget to ask or push the issue. Now since she has started Baby A stopped going on the potty.
These two are strange and giving me a run for my money!


  1. I'm sorry, but regrettably I must turn down your kind offer. At one point in this lifetime, I myself had three small children in diapers and it led me down the road to drink. Good luck to you hon - you have my prayers and my sympathy!!

  2. I'm not a parent, but whenever I watch Nanny 911, Supernanny, etc. there is often a thing about kids not going to bed and sometimes the culprit is sugar. I have a friend with kids and she feeds them sugary stuff for dinner (without knowing it like applesauce, flavored yogurt, Capri Sun with dinner -- I only know because I did low-carb and realized all the items that have tons of sugar and the highs and lows associated with such) and they are up all night long off and on.

    Something to consider.



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