Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Besides the kids not napping, Baby B is doing great going to the bathroom on the potty. Baby A not so much, but that is ok.
I am just now thinking about what I will do when they really are potty trained & I have to take them potty in public restrooms. Restrooms I never use unless it is dire straits because I am so germ phobic. I know there will be a lot of "DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!" and carrying of my own antibacterial soaps. God I am a freak.

We have decorated the house for Christmas already & E is finishing up the outdoor lights as I type this. I am very excited for the holidays this year and I am definitely in the baking/cooking mood too which is nice.

I am 95% done with my shopping too. Can you believe it, 95% done and it is not even December yet, that is a record for me. I have a large family too, so it is a lot to plan and all of E's family lives away so you have to ship that stuff.

My $300 (on sale) Maclaren stroller broke when we were in Florida and now I have to ship it to them so they can repair it. I mean ridiculous is a fair word to describe this mess. A $300 stroller should be made sturdy and strong, the freakin metal bent as I was unfolding it. I am strong, but that strong? Maclaren customer service sucks too.

I am still so addicted to my nano. I love, love, love it and I use it every day. I am joining the gym after the new year so I hope to use it more there!
That about sums it up around here. I can't wait for Lost tonight, it will be the last one until January, so I will be in withdrawals.


  1. Nano is IPOD?

    I want one too! I just joined a gym and it would be so nice to go in there with music in my ears making it totally okay not to communicate with anyone else or look them in the eye.

    Oh yeah, if you find yourself with too many baked goods, please ship them to me in Indiana. I am so not in the mood for baking.

  2. I hate public restrooms too and when my daughter first potty training she said she had to potty so she could check out each store's bathroom. I'm one who flushes with my foot and uses a paper towel to open the door!

    Glad potty training with your kiddos is going well! My son (almost 3)is refusing to do it.

  3. Jaycei, I will send you some!
    sabrina, I am soooo with you.


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