Thursday, November 17, 2005


Today I went to pick up the dog from my sister's house. She was taking care of her while we were away on our trip. The kids loved seeing their Aunt and couldn't wait to tell her what they had seen and done.

Jet Blue rocked except for our delays and the one strange man on our plane coming home who I assume was bi-polar and cursed the stewardess and had to be taken off the plane by NJ cops when we landed. Strange and scary.

Disney was so much fun. Seeing the park through my children's eyes was the best and I didn't even get upset when we forgot to go on the "adult" rides.

I am so happy E is home where he belongs. I feel even safer and I just missed the guy.

My ipod nano is my new favorite toy. I love, love, love it maybe even as much as Target. It is addicting to buy songs though and I have to watch myself.

I also love my new sweater from target and even though it isn't the best cashmere in town, you can't beat the price. Plus with two small kids with dirty everything, wearing expensive clothes is not the way to go.

This weekend we have nothing planned and I am thankful because I have a date with TiVo to catch up on all the stuff I have missed the past week.

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  1. I am glad you guys had a good time. Why did you have a breakdown? Sorry just being nosy :)


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