Monday, November 21, 2005

A Thanksgiving Miracle

Today my kids took a nap. Wait, you don't understand how fabulous this really is, or how happy I am right at this very minute.
They took a nap that didn't require me yelling up the stairs, laying commando style on the floor, threatening, begging or bribing.
Do you know how huge that is?
They went in, laid on their beds and fell asleep. It is a miracle.
Pushing their map time back is such a glorious idea and it really worked.
Yesterday they each took a small bite of mashed potatoes and didn't hurl and now this! It is like leading a new life.

I love today. I love my kids.
And I love all of you who had the suggestions and comments, thanks guys.


  1. Ain't life grand!!

  2. so...
    the gin and tonic pre lunch snack worked for you?!

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    keep it up :)

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