Monday, July 28, 2008

Body After Baby

I have been living la vida loca with not having a period for 13 months, but that all ended on Thursday night when my period returned with a vengeance. I swear I though I was hemorrhaging, I have never had a period that heavy in my life. That was an eye opener.
I will file that under "things I didn't know was going to happen to me during/after pregnancy".

Whoever told me the pounds will just "melt off if you breastfeed" deserves to be shot. Liar. Nothing is melting, except me in this extreme heat and humidity because I am carrying so much extra fat.

Oh, was that TMI for a Monday morning? Too bad.

Tomorrow I will have a post about my awesome baby boy but in the meantime, check out my great $25 GC giveaway over at my other blog this week. Plus check out this other awesome giveaway!


  1. My first period after having Little Elvis seemed much heavier and more painful, too. I think I had just had plenty of time to forget.
    Sorry about the weight. I'm trying out some new exercise videos (10-20 mins) that I downloaded to my computer. I'll let you know if they work. I got them free with mycokerewards points. Free is always a good price.

  2. All I can say is that my uterus seems to be shrinking, but the pounds are definitely there. I'm thinking no matter how much my ute shrinks, it's not going to help my ass.

  3. Ok so now I don't kick myself too much for not breast feeding. lol

  4. I have to agree, they are liars. It didn't melt off for me either...and now it has been 11 years and I still have it. So, maybe I should decide it isn't still post-pregnancy, maybe I should just decide it is fat.

  5. For me that was only true after I delivered my first baby. I had to work my booty off to drop the weight from the other two.

    The heavy periods? Welcome to my world. Mine are ALWAYS like that.

  6. You find that people lie about a lot with regards to It's like they are all in cahoots tkeep women having babies.

    Check out the series "A girlfriends guide to..." They are great and frank and funny.

  7. my back almost broke off due to the pain of my first cycle back after babe. 10 weeks after giving birth, SHE returned. Damn bitch.


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